National Nutrition Month: Q&A with Eat Sprout!

Last month, Chesapeake Holistic became an Eat Sprout! delivery pickup location for Tuesday menus. As our clients know, we’re very selective about the products we recommend. We like their “organic, local, delivered” mission.


To let you in on why we chose Eat Sprout! as a partner, below is our interview with co-owner Ryan Groll.


Chesapeake Holistic (CH): This month is Eat Sprout!’s one-year anniversary. What was the inspiration for your business?


Ryan Groll (RG): My wife, Emily, and I created the business as an extension of our lifestyle: eating organic food, sourcing locally and preparing for the unexpected. Because we’re so busy, and eating well is a time investment, we learned to: plan out our meals, order food from area farmers, and then cook and prepare meals and snacks to keep on hand.


We were both doing nutritional counseling at our local gym and found a big hurdle for clients there (and really everywhere) is the food shopping and cooking.


CH: So, other than being organic do you cater to specific diets (e.g., vegan)?


RG: We’re both from health and wellness backgrounds, and have never been huge advocates of one specific diet. Essentially, we keep it simple; we don’t use any GMOs or processed foods and it’s all from scratch. We don’t promote our food as diet meals, it’s just portioned correctly and very healthy. We do, though, put calories and other nutritional info on the packages. Most of what we cook ends up falling into gluten-free, paleo, soy-free and dairy-free parameters.


CH: How did you and Emily learn so much about ‘clean’ food sourcing and cooking?


RG: We’re both Certified Nutritionists. I have a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology, and a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and Health. Emily’s undergrad degree was in Exercise Science. She has a really cool culinary background. Emily was a chef in the military and was sent to culinary school. She flew all over the world with dignitaries (including Cabinet members, Prime Ministers, the Vice President and two former Presidents) and even on secret missions. Wherever they landed, Emily would need to source local foods.


CH: Interesting! Where do you ‘source’/get your ingredients from?


RG: We do our very best sourcing from local farmers. If we can’t get local, we strive for organic. If we use milk, for example, it’s farm fresh from pasture-raised, grass fed cows. We use dairy from the only farm in MD that milks, pasteurizes and bottles onsite. We’ve been growing with more farmers, as word about our company’s spread. Most are on the eastern shore near Easton, where we live.


Not only does local sourcing support our area’s economy, but it ensures the freshest possible foods. We visit local farms weekly to see what’s growing now. We also plan menus and contact the farmers that carry what we need. If say they harvest on Monday, we get a delivery the same day and make the food. Our clients receive it Tuesday, whereas stuff you buy at the supermarket could be 10 or more days old.


CH: How do you decide what meals to make for clients?


RG: We change our menus seasonally depending on the availability of ingredients. Sometimes we buy things (e.g., blueberries and corn) at the end of the season and freeze it, so we can use these ingredients all year. Each week, we create fish-based, dairy-free, vegetarian, and other options. And, some clients give us their dietary parameters and say ‘surprise me.’


CH: What are the ordering options?


RG: All ordering is online. The menu’s on our site for upcoming weeks. Clients sign up and let us know their food likes and dislikes. Some people order several weeks’ worth of meals, but many people order just a few at a time from the available meals and snacks.


It’s not our goal for people to utilize us for 100% of their food; we’re like a supplemental ‘food crutch’ so clients have good food in the fridge. If healthy food is available, they won’t skip meals or make bad food choices.


CH: Lastly, how is your food delivered?


RG: We hand-deliver to clients in St. Michaels, Easton, Oxford, Trappe, and Cambridge. All of the food is packed in insulated coolers with ice packs. For clients outside of our delivery area we have pickup locations; we currently have two: Hair O’ the Dog in Easton and Chesapeake Holistic in Annapolis.


To learn more about Sprout, or to start ordering, visit or call: 443.223.0642.

Thursday Thoughts – November 10 – Sticking to your Meal Plan Through the Holidays

Thursday Thoughts – November 10 – Sticking to your Meal Plan Through the Holidays

There are some great ways to stay on your meal plan and stay healthy while you travel this holiday season!

Whether you’re traveling a few miles or a thousand miles away from home, here are some helpful travel tips:

  1.  Invest in soft-sided cooler and ice packs.  Easy to pack and take with you OR pack empty in a suitcase for when you arrive at your destination.  
  1.  Shop ahead. Make a list of snacks and easy travel foods to pack in your cooler.  Shop a few days in advance so you have items on hand when you’re ready to pack.  
  1.  Ship ahead.  If you can’t take food with you, consider packing your food and shipping it to the hotel or place you are staying.  This way, you have healthy options ready and waiting for you without having to carry it all along.
  1.  Opt for a Suite.  In hotels, there are often rooms with small efficiency kitchens or make sure your hotel room at least a refrigerator.  You can cook light meals if you have a kitchen option or make cold meals if you have a refrigerator.
  1.  Think Grocery Store.  On the way to your destination or when you get there, think Grocery stores over Fast food chains to find your snack or meal.  It’s not only healthier, but also more economical!
  1.  Know what’s around.  Learn and look up menus online for local or chain restaurants so you can be prepared in advance to find places to go and make healthy choices from what’s available.  Some great Apps to download before you go are:  GlutenFreeTravel and Paleogogo.

Safe travels and happy holidays!

Yours in health,


Thursday Thoughts – November 3

Thursday Thoughts – November 3

Sugar is highly addictive and seriously damaging to your health.

Added or processed sugars should never be part of a healthy diet. And we understand that it’s hard to kick the sugar habit once and for all (or even for a while).

That’s where we come in. Here at Chesapeake Holistic Health, we can offer help and support to kick sugar to the curb. Below are a few of our favorite strategies to let go of sugar and keep it out of our lives and our bodies:

  1.  Start the day with protein–and don’t stint on the healthy fats and veggies. Two scrambled eggs sautéed in coconut oil on a bed of steamed spinach is yummy. Add some guac for even more flavor and satisfaction.
  1.  Keep the good fats coming. Make sure to include avocados, nuts, seeds, organic grass-fed butter, coconut and olive oils and egg yolks are all excellent sources.
  1.  Don’t get too hungry. Extreme hunger leads to poor food choices. Stay ahead of hunger.
  1.  Water, water everywhere–make sure you’re drinking lots–half your body weight in ounces per day.
  1.  Plan, plan, plan… You know our favorite saying. A failure to plan is a plan to fail.
  1. Check labels and look for hidden sugars. Better yet, skip the labels and go for whole food choices–no labels means it’s a whole food!

Want to learn more?  Call us and make an appointment with one of our nutritional educators. We have lots of tips and tricks to support you to get and stay on track.

You can do it. We can help. Wellness is worth it.

Yours in Health,


Thursday Thoughts – October 27 – Happy Healthy Halloween

Thursday Thoughts – October 27 – Happy Healthy Halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to be a sugar free-for-all!

With just a little bit of planning and forethought, you can avoid the scariest part of Halloween–the sugar binges and the guilt and shame that goes along with overindulgence.

You know what we always say: “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.”  So, what can we do to prevent the worst of that helpless feeling so many of us have at Halloween (and Thanksgiving, and Christmas and New Year’s…)?

Our thanks to J.J. Virgin for these helpful ideas for things  to do and not do next Monday night!

  1. Stick to your normal eating routine. Don’t skip meals or restrict–it gives us a license to indulge later.
  2. Exercise in the morning. Start the day out right!
  3. Have a “splurge strategy.”  Decide ahead of time what treats really interest you and determine how many you will eat and then stick to the plan.
  4. Have an action buddy–commit your plan to someone else and be accountable!
  5. Limit your access–buy treats at the last minute, give them out and dispose of any extras when the day is done.  Stay away!!
  6. Wear a body conscious outfit–nothing loose or elastic! If you’re going to get a pooch in a body-hugging top, you might rethink that extra treat–and you don’t need it!
  7.  Get back on track right away!  Don’t let one day of poor choices trigger an attitude of ditching your diet. Follow Halloween with several days of clean eating and you will feel good as new.

Want to learn more about healthy eating in general and healthy holidays in particular?  Give us a call and schedule an appointment with our wellness coach today!

You can do it.  We can help.

Yours in Health,


Thursday Thoughts – October 13 – Preventing the Flu – Part 2

Thursday Thoughts – October 13 – Preventing the Flu – Part 2

There are many ways to protect against the flu virus and to ameliorate the illness should prevention fail.

What can we do?  Plenty!  Firstly, we’ve talked a lot about keeping our immune systems strong and effective with lots of whole, foods, including organic fruits and vegetables, where possible, and pastured or wild-caught meats and fish.  Sleep is also important, as well as exercise, of course.

Here at Chesapeake Holistic, we also believe that an ounce of prevention—in the form of homeopathic remedies—is worth a pound of cure. Each year, we receive a homeopathic remedy specifically designed to fight the current season’s strains of the flu virus, similar to the way vaccines are developed.  The good news with homeopathic remedies, however, is that there are no side effects, and they are safe for everyone.

Lastly, there are a number of supplements that can help our bodies fight the flu, including Ultra Vir-X ( ,  Olive Leaf ( , Immunitone Plus ( , and many others—please visit our ONEholistic store ( and shop Cold/Flu. (

Want to learn more?  Call today and make an appointment with Carol Heckman, RN, ND, and find out how you can feel your best as cold and flu season gets underway.

You can do it.  We can help.

Yours in Health,