Success Stories

Keeping My Lyme Disease at Bay
Maureen’s Story

“I suffered with Lyme Disease for eight years before realizing I had Lyme disease. I have gone through many types of therapy beginning with antibiotics only to find that I still had Lyme! Along with nutritional counseling, ONDAMED has been my saving grace. I don’t know where I would be without these tools at my disposal. ONDAMED has kept my Lyme at bay, eased muscle and joint pain, and even assisted in relieving my sinuses. I highly recommend ONDAMED to anyone suffering with Lyme disease.”

Chronic Exhaustion and Stress
Sara and Tom’s Story

“We started seeing Jennifer Salos in 2008 to address chronic debilitating exhaustion, stress, and other physical ailments that had been dismissed as “normal” by our physician. Within several months of diet adjustment, we saw radical results. As new health challenges arose, Chesapeake Holistic was always there to provide sound nutrition advice and lifestyle tweaks to keep us in tip-top shape.”

I’m Addicted to ONDAMED
Jami’s Story

“I love ONDAMED, I’m addicted! After four sessions, I’m feeling relief from the pain in my feet that I’ve had for the past five months. Sometimes, I couldn’t even walk!”

Karen’s Story

“I saw a huge improvement in migraines within five sessions.”

Bone-On-Bone Pain
Pat’s Story

“As of the 4th session, my foot, back, and knee pain that felt bone-on-bone felt so much better—a dramatic difference. I haven’t felt this well in a long time. I move better and things seem more fluid. I even have a complete lack of pain in my feet for long periods of time.”

Trying the Holistic Approach
Walter’s Story

“After several years of seeking help from medical doctors I decided to try the holistic approach. A friend suggested Chesapeake Holistic Health. After my first visit and at the direction of Carol I started a dietary cleanse. I started to see improvement within the first two weeks and now after four months many of my health issues have corrected themselves. If medical doctors are unable to help you I highly recommend trying a holistic approach. Many medical practices used today have been around for less than a century however Humans have practiced healing for thousands of years.”

The Wake-Up Call I Needed
Kathy’s Story

“It was like he cut my heart out with a knife…it’s one thing to know that you’re chubby but to have a doctor tell you to lose weight without even weighing you, well it was the wake-up call I needed!!”….”She has taught me how to truly eat properly. In 28 days I’ve lost 13 pounds of the 30 I need to lose and have gained muscle mass from the few workouts that I’ve done.” “Jamie has taken this skeptic and made me a true believer in the power of food and what it can truly do to your body. Keeping a food journal has kept me accountable and made me realize what I eat in a day. I’ve gone from living to eat to eating to live…and it’s a great feeling!”

From Diet to Lifestyle
Julie’s Story

“Through the guidance of Jamie and CHHC, I have truly transformed my eating from diet to lifestyle. Aside from being in better health than ever as described by my doctor, my nagging back pain has slowly started to diminish. I’m not sure it will ever fully dissipate, but I’ll take what I can get, especially without the use of prescription drugs! I also had the beginnings of plantar fasciitis just before changing my eating habits, and am happy to report it never progressed past that point. In fact, foot pain is merely a memory now! A big bonus- I have lost those pesky last seven or eight pounds while eating delicious food and the weight has stayed off for seven months, and counting!”

Losing Weight
Rhonda’s Story

“Jamie has helped me to lose about 15 pounds. I feel fantastic and am hoping to come off of my thyroid prescription medication soon!”

Hot Flashes Begone
Isabel’s Story

“I had been dealing with hot flashes for the past two years. They were pretty infrequent and mild until this last spring when they got stronger and more frequent. I started to try all herbal and homeopathic remedies I had heard about to rid myself of this nuisance. When nothing was working, I decided to go see Carol Heckman to help me not only with the hot flashes but to become  more balanced hormonally. She had me tested on the Zyto.  The test strongly suggested I take Magnesium Glycinate to help balance my system and relieve me of my hot flashes. I started to take them as recommended and within in a few weeks my hot flashes were gone and continue to stay gone. I can’t thank Carol enough not only for helping me with the hot flashes but continuing to keep me balanced hormonally. She has been my angel.”

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