By Cathy Logan, CHC, COT, CECP

Spring has sprung! The days are longer, trees are budding, flowers are blooming, even the bees are starting to buzz. Sounds great, right? Well, for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, spring can be a nightmare.

This month, we’ve been explaining different holistic approaches for ridding your home and body of allergens – a variation of traditional ‘spring cleaning.’ Today, I’d like to explain: how to use essential oils and how we use the ONDAMED® protocol – both effectively alleviate allergy symptoms.


The anti-allergy essential oil blend of lemon, lavender and peppermint is a great home remedy for tackling most allergic reactions. Combined, these work as a powerful antihistamine to bring down inflammation caused by your body’s allergy response. This trio of oils is a game changer!

Lemon Oil – One of its many uses is to treat the respiratory problems associated with allergic reactions. Lemon is a natural antioxidant that helps cleanse toxins and reduce the body’s response to allergens. It works in tandem with lavender and peppermint oils to prevent congestion.

Lavender Oil – Works as a natural antihistamine and helps to reduce inflammatory allergic reactions in your body. (In addition, it’s a well-known natural cure for headaches and treating skin reactions, insect bites and hives. Lavender is also the perfect essential oil if you suffer from coughing, sneezing or wheezing during the night. Put a few drops of lavender on your pillow for a peaceful night’s sleep.)

Peppermint Oil – Can help to quickly clear blocked sinuses and ease nasal congestion caused by allergies. Peppermint oil is an expectorant, which opens airways and reduces inflammation. (It can also soothe coughs, and relieve pain and bronchitis symptoms.)

How to create and use this blend:

1. Combine 10 drops of each oil (along with a carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut or sweet almond) in a small glass roller bottle. Roll on chest, neck, sinus areas, temples, and/or behind the ears.

2. Diffuse the trio in an aromatherapy diffuser throughout the day or night to ease allergic discomforts.

3. Put a few drops of each oil in the palm of your hand, hold near your nostrils and take some deep breaths.


One of the most sought after treatments at Chesapeake Holistic is ONDAMED, which is very helpful for many ailments, including allergies. If you’re not familiar with ONDAMED, it’s a pulse-focused device that (when used by a certified practitioner) finds areas of inflammation in your body at the cellular level.

Specifically, we locate the inflammation while palpating your pulse as we scan through electro-magnetic frequencies that correlate to organ systems. The quality of the pulse changes when a resonating frequency is found. Essentially, we listen to your body through your pulse.

ONDAMED has several programs that can help with allergies. A client favorite is the Sinus Program. It often provides instant relief as the sinuses start to drain right away. As always, we tailor your session to exactly what your body needs at that time.

Don’t let allergy season get you down. We at Chesapeake Holistic are always here to help you!