Guest author: Dr. Marissa Wallie


What makes spring allergies so severe? When an allergen enters your body, it’s treated as a foreign invader. So, what we all experience as “allergies,” is our bodies releasing histamine: an overreaction to the invader. This triggers other exaggerated immune responses, including watery eyes, itchy throat, clogged ears, sneezing, wheezing, and post-nasal drip.


While no one enjoys the allergy symptoms, it’s actually part of the body’s attempt to self-regulate and heal – pretty amazing when you think about it.


What’s the best way to manage allergy symptoms? To alleviate sniffles, headaches and sneezes, most of us have tried over the counter medications. These OTC meds can help with symptoms, but also have dangerous side effects, especially for young children.


Some alternatives to meds for preventing and managing allergies:


  1. Keep windows at home, and in your car, closed to keep yellow pollen out.
  2. Change clothes immediately when returning home from being outside; wash your face, too.
  3. Use a HEPA filter in common areas of the house (living room, bedroom) and workplace.
  4. Switch to a HEPA filter for the AC vents at home.
  5. Eat clean. Remove dairy and other allergens to reduce mucous production.
  6. Support your lung function with supplements (such as the selection CH has on sale the rest of this month.
  7. Get your spine checked by a Chiropractor for vertebral subluxation.


Subluxation is a misalignment of the vertebra, which blocks healing messages to parts of your body. The most common subluxations, in relation to seasonal allergies, are in the cervical spine area – which controls ears, sinus, head muscles, eyes, and throat.


Chiropractors perform subluxation adjustments to realign your spine, naturally improving your body’s response to allergies and pollutants in the air. (Our nose hairs, cilia and mucous membranes are constantly in attack mode from the air, especially during spring months.)


In addition to your immune system, when your spine is healthy all systems self-regulate accordingly. For example, your brain (which tells the rest of your body what to do) constantly send messages through the spinal cord to your muscles, organs and tissues.


Like the natural protocols Chesapeake Holistic offers for allergy relief, other ailments and overall wellness, Chiropractic is an organic form of healthcare. It focuses on structure and function of the spine, the lifeline of your entire body. Adjustments are healthy for anyone, from birth to 100-plus years- old.


Dr. Wallie earned her doctorate at New York Chiropractic College in 2000. She is an International Chiropractic Pediatric Association member, and a partner at Broadneck Family Chiropractic – located in the same office building as Chesapeake Holistic. In May 2017, Dr. Wallie is opening an additional office (Coastal Retreat) in Easton.