Ask Lisa: Do you work with children?

Yes! I often work with parents and siblings, together, in the treatment room. It’s a great opportunity for the family to jointly explore natural ways to maintain health and wellness.

I also think it’s a great thing for kids to see Mom or Dad getting help with their own needs, too!

Family sessions are an educational opportunity for everyone in the room, including me. These sessions also enable me to assess the posture and wellness needs of each individual.

Some common patterns I see with kids are: head-forward posture (leading to tense neck and shoulders), and jaw clenching or grinding at night. I work with them to eliminate the lingering effects and to practice corrective movements and releases.

As well, child/teen athletes will come in after an injury to maintain their alignment while healing.

The experience and feedback young clients receive helps to lay the foundation for lifelong body awareness and skillful self-care.

Lisa Manning, CST, CHt
Lisa is a Craniosacral and Myofascial Release Therapist. She’s also a Master Certified Hypnotherapist, specializing in Somato-Emotional Hypnosis to address chronic pain and anxiety. Lisa is trained in Ionic Foot Detox.

Cathy LoganAsk Cathy: A friend told me my kids should do Emotion Code? Is it really safe?

It is absolutely safe and effective! During an Emotion Code session, using muscle testing, I’ll identify the emotion and clear it down the governing meridian (down your back) with a magnet. Kids actually think it’s kind of fun.

Children’s trapped emotions clear very quickly because they have not had years to build things up. Many times, it only takes a session or two. It’s often the case that the child has actually picked up these emotions from their parents. So, I’ll clear the kids but the parents still need to be cleared (which requires a separate appointment).

What I have found to be especially helpful for kids is that we can clear blocks to specific things, for example: taking tests, confidence, and/or excelling in sports, relationships…

Emotion Code is pretty amazing actually! And it really helps kids who struggle with anxiety. Kids and adults alike report they just feel lighter.

Cathy Logan, CHC, COT, CECP, CBCP
Cathy is a Certified Health Coach, a Certified ONDAMED® Technician, and a Certified Emotion Code® and Body Code® Practitioner. She is also trained in Ionic Foot Detox.