Carol HeckmanAsk Carol: I’m thinking about scheduling an appointment with Carol to come up with a nutrition plan for me. How does she work with her clients?

What I do is more comprehensive (and much more beneficial to my clients!) than simply creating a nutrition plan.

As a Nurse, I’ve always practiced holistically: taking the whole person (mind, body, spirit) and their environment into consideration.

My clients are not “parts” and they’re not separate from their lives. I listen and assess all of this (as how people live influences their health) and create individualized action steps to build a wellness plan.

As an Educator, I also work to help my clients understand: how stress is impacting their body functions, creating their symptoms; and, ultimately, how the action steps I’ve designed will promote balance to help them return to health.

As a Natural and Integrative Health Practitioner, I work to restore health with nutrients from foods, vitamins, minerals, herbals, homeopathics, and complementary modalities.

I integrate and blend this work with my clients’ needs, so they receive the best of both worlds (lifestyle and nutrition) for their ultimate wellness.

This wellness journey begins with an evaluation session and a series of follow-up appointments to monitor progress and adjust the wellness plan as needed.

Each client is different, so there isn’t a pre-set timeframe or number of sessions. Some follow-up appointments can be performed remotely, which is especially helpful for clients who don’t live near our office.

Carol Heckman, RN, CNHP, MH, CNC
Carol is a Registered Nurse, as well as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, a Master Herbalist, and a Certified Nutritional Consultant.

Did You Know…?

The importance of the human body’s microbes/microbiome is gaining more and more attention in mainstream medicine and even with nationally-known TV physicians.

More than two years ago, Carol authored an article (in our January 17, 2017 issue) explaining the importance of gut health and weight.

She wrote about how diet and lifestyle influence microbe growth and balance, and, how the good/bad balance of microbes affects weight management and many other areas of our overall health.

Here’s what you can do today to improve your gut-health:

  1. Consider adding a probiotic to your daily routine to feed good microbes.
  2. Increase daily fiber to feed your good microbes by eating more vegetables. Start by making sure each of your meals includes veggies (even breakfast).
  3. Avoid processed foods. These foods do not feed the good microbes and ultimately encourage the bad microbes to grow.

To learn more about good microbes, probiotics, and how to eat for a healthy gut and weight, call 410.349.9043 to schedule a session with Carol.