Ask Lisa: Why do I need reflexology on my hands? I thought doing it on the feet took care of my whole body.

The bottoms of the feet, the palms of the hands and the ears all offer great access to end points of the body’s many nerve pathways.

I personally prefer working with the hands and ears, when addressing upper body concerns, and the feet for organ systems and for detoxing.

Lisa Manning, CST, CHt
Lisa is a Craniosacral and Myofascial Release Therapist. She’s also a Master Certified Hypnotherapist, specializing in Somato-Emotional Hypnosis to address chronic pain and anxiety. Lisa is trained in Ionic Foot Detox.

Ask Glynda: What is a hot stone massage? What can I expect?

During a hot stone massage, the surface of the stone is warm but, its core is hot. Massage therapists, like me, use hot stones to increase your circulation and to melt muscle tension, stress and anxiety.

The stones we at use Chesapeake Holistic are basalt. These stones are formed when lava reaches the earth’s surface or a mid-ocean ridge from a volcano. My stones were formed in Hawaii.

Hot stones are ideal for massaging tight and restricted muscles. The heat persuades the muscle tissue to surrender into the deep relaxation of the parasympathetic nervous system. In turn, this relaxation response allows your nervous system to rest and digest.

The stones are generally used in long flowing strokes to stretch commonly-bound muscle tissue, such as neck shoulders and back. I also place stones on energetic centers of the body (e.g., the abdomen).

Stones come from the earth and their use in massage is naturally grounding and heavy; keeping you anchored in the moment and connected to your body.

The warm edge of the stone is used on trigger points of the upper body and reflex points on the feet. These specific points, when given steady pressure, can create a widespread release throughout the body.

* When booking a massage with me, you do not need to book “hot stone” massage… just schedule a regular massage and I’ll work the hot stones in during your session.

Glynda Cullen, LMT, LE
Glynda is a licensed Massage Therapist and a licensed Esthetician. She offers therapeutic massage and facial treatments (and after-hours appointments). Glynda is also trained in Ionic Foot Detox protocols.