BioClear Sensitivity Treatment

Ask Katherine: What is BioClear?

BioClear Sensitivity Treatment is a holistic approach (of energy medicine, meridian therapy, enzyme therapy, and nutrition) to address the symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.

In addition to clearing hay fever and other seasonal allergies, BioClear reveals and clears sensitivities to foods, inhalants and environmental substances that stress and weaken the body’s ability to function.

By getting to the root of the symptoms you’re experiencing, Katherine’s protocol offers natural relief… by reducing or even permanently eliminating sensitivities, without shots, lab work or medication.

Imagine finally understanding the ‘why’ – connected to your body’s food and toxin-related symptoms such as: headaches, insomnia, fatigue, depression, hyperactivity, anxiety, mental fog, rashes, congestion, breathing problems, and indigestion – and being able to do something about it.

A little background about Katherine’s journey to developing BioClear…

Katherine has a 30-plus-year career in holistic wellness and integrative energy therapies. She: is a Nationally Board Certified, and Maryland-licensed, Acupuncturist (with certification in Acupuncture Detoxification); is a Certified Nutritional Consultant; and has two master’s degrees (Five Element Acupuncture and Psychiatric Social Work).

Those credentials just scratch the surface of Katherine’s experience and education! As well, she has specialized training in bioresonance therapies, applied kinesiology, and biological decoding. Katherine has also worked clinically in psychiatry, pediatric oncology and hematology, general pediatrics, hospice, and bereavement.

In 2002, her longstanding interest in immune function, allergies and food sensitivities led her to collaborate extensively with Dr. Ellen Cutler, DC (author of The Food Allergy Cure). Katherine then became a Certified Advanced BioSET Practitioner; she applied her clinical experience to work extensively with infants, children and adults experiencing health and emotional disorders exacerbated by food allergies.

Last year, Katherine began designing her BioClear protocol. It’s modeled on BioSET, but with a broader focus to include a wider range of non-allergen sensitivities.

How BioClear works

Katherine’s comprehensive approach includes a 2.5-hour initial consultation. During that consult, she will:

  • Review and discuss your full heath history.
  • Perform bioenergetic testing to evaluate your physiological imbalances.
  • Test your body’s reactions to 40 categories of substances (e.g., amino acids, dairy, trees).
  • Test your physical reactions to 840-plus foods.
  • Test your body’s reactions to supplements, prescriptions and OTC medications.
  • Provide a list of foods to avoid (to which you are sensitive).
  • Recommend an anti-inflammatory nutritional program that will work with your body as you clear sensitivities.
  • Perform your first sensitivity clearing, based upon findings during testing.

By clearing these sensitivities, and detoxifying your organs, you should experience improved digestion, and have a stronger immune system from better absorption of nutrients.

Additional potential benefits include: improved mood, reduced anxiety, fewer food cravings, enhanced mental clarity and focus, and higher energy levels.

A week or two after your initial consultation, we recommend starting a regimen of follow-up treatments with Katherine.

Over time, BioClear’s system, of acupressure and bioenergetic frequency infusions, “reprograms” the body on a neuro-muscular level to reduce or eliminate symptoms related to allergies / sensitivities.

The introductory price for BioClear is $285 for the initial consultation and $95 for each follow-up session.

Katherine Sale, MSW, MAc, LAc, CNC
Katherine is a Licensed, Board-Certified Acupuncturist, a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, an Integrative Energy Therapies Provider, and an Advanced BioClear Practitioner

BioClear Special Introductory Pricing:

  • Initial Consultation $285 (reg $325)
  • Follow-up Clearing $95 (reg $110)
  • Follow-up Clearing Package of 5 Sessions: $450 (reg $500)

Limited time only. Call 410.349.9043 to book.

Ask the Expert: Allergy Desensitization & Anti-inflammatories

Ask Katherine: In your April 2 newsletter, Jennifer mentioned an “upcoming Allergy Desensitization service” I want to know more about. It’s the start of allergy season and my daughter is already miserable.

Within the next few weeks, we’ll officially launch our newest service, which is called BioClear Sensitivity Treatment.

Look for a full newsletter, soon, describing how BioClear works. This biofeedback system focuses on pinpointing and eliminating a client’s sensitivities, including allergies. These can be sensitivities to foods as well as environmental toxins like dust and pollen.

I don’t know your daughter’s age, but BioClear is safe for people of all ages. Please call me. I’m accepting a few appointments right now while finalizing communications materials and administrative processes.

Katherine Sale, MSW, MAc, LAc, CNC
Katherine is a Licensed, Board-Certified Acupuncturist, a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, and an Integrative Energy Therapies Provider. She offers Acupuncture, Acupuncture Detox and Ionic Foot Detox.

Jennifer SalosAsk Jennifer: I’ve been hearing a lot about anti-inflammatories lately. Should I be taking one?

Yes, you may want to take anti-inflammatories and incorporate anti-inflammatory foods into your meals. Inflammation is the common denominator for so many ailments, from arthritis to mental health!

An easy way to reduce inflammation is to add Turmeric and Curcumin (the potent part of Turmeric which is the most therapeutic) to your diet. To prevent disease, liberally adding these spices to your diet will do the job.

If you already have a condition, such as arthritis, add a high potency Curcumin supplement to your routine.

Essentially, eating these spices is wise, much like putting pennies into your health bank account. Taking a high potency Turmeric Curcumin supplement is like putting dollars in that account.

That said, some people do have a sensitivity to Turmeric, which can cause stomach upset and other reactions. As well, those on blood thinners should not take Curcumin.

I suggest booking an appointment with Katherine to discover your body’s sensitivities to specific foods. If you’re sensitive / allergic to Turmeric, then she will provide you with a list of alternative spices and foods (many of which are anti-inflammatory).

Jennifer Salos, MS, CNC
Jennifer has a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition. She is also a nationally Certified Nutritional Consultant and Diplomat of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants.

Anti-inflammatory Foods

While some of us do have sensitivities to a few of the foods below, this list of inflammation-reducing foods is a good place to start!

  • Olive oil
  • Coffee
  • Veggies (tomatoes, onions, carrots)
  • Dark green, leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, broccoli and collards)
  • Nuts (almonds, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts)
  • Beans (pinto, garbanzo, red kidney and black beans)
  • Fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines, anchovies and other cold-water fish)
  • Colorful fruits (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries and oranges)

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list. You can also greatly reduce inflammation by avoiding processed foods, salt and large amounts of alcohol.

Ask the Expert: ONDAMED & Neck Pain

Cathy LoganAsk Cathy: What kinds of things is ONDAMED used for? Does it hurt?

People rely on ONDAMED for pain management (from injuries and chronic ailments such as arthritis) and to alleviate a wide variety of issues including: anxiety, depression, insomnia and Lyme disease, just to name a few.

The ONDAMED experience is totally pain free. Most people find the their sessions to be very relaxing and many clients take naps!

ONDAMED is unique because it finds dysfunctional areas in the body, such as inflammation, and helps to alleviate pain and promote healing.

Cathy Logan, CHC, COT, CECP, CBCP
Cathy is a Certified Health Coach, a Certified ONDAMED® Technician, and a Certified Emotion Code® and Body Code® Practitioner. She is also trained in Ionic Foot Detox.

Ask Lisa: I have neck and back pain every day. I know it has to be from working on the computer so much. Do you have suggestions for preventing this and making it better when it happens?

One of the first things I evaluate during a session is a client’s overall posture. There’s a lot of information that can be learned here!

It’s not just hunching over the computer: how you sit, sleep and move on a daily basis contributes to your posture and the communication is two-way. Postural imbalances can actually change how you sit, sleep and move.

Chronically tight areas put a strain on the joints and the impact is felt throughout the whole fascial system. Muscle aches, fatigue and sleep disturbances are some of the many ways that dysfunctional posture patterns impact your health and wellbeing.

Another factor that contributes to poor posture (which is often overlooked) is your emotions. Stress, anxiety and depression influence the way you carry yourself, as much as any of your physical activities.

Feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world shows up in the neck and shoulders; anxiety often causes a tightening in the chest or gut.

Recognizing the patterns is half the battle! This awareness is the starting point to initiate corrective movement and facilitative releases.

The relief that is experienced, as the body is brought back into balance, can be profound – and it’s often the best motivation to stick with a course of Advanced Bodywork sessions and follow through with self-care routines at home.

Lisa Manning, CST, CHt
Lisa is a Craniosacral and Myofascial Release Therapist. She’s also a Master Certified Hypnotherapist, specializing in Somato-Emotional Hypnosis to address chronic pain and anxiety. Lisa is trained in Ionic Foot Detox.

Ask the Expert: Sleep & a DIY Throat Wash

Jennifer SalosAsk Jennifer: What are some natural things I can do to improve my sleep?

How to get better sleep is one of the biggest topics that clients ask us about at Chesapeake Holistic.
Of course, getting to the root of why you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep is vitally important.

On July 4, 2017, Carol wrote an article about how much sleep we all really need and tips for getting adequate rest. She also explained how sleep repairs your body and mind at the cellular level. I recommend reading it again (I did!). Carol offers some specifics in her response to sleep questions (later in this newsletter).

If you experience anxiety at night, Lisa Manning’s Advanced Bodywork includes Craniosacral Therapy to ease the nervous system and Energy Work to improve wellbeing. She also works with clients on at-home relaxation techniques.

As well, in her response to a client’s sleep question (below), Cathy explains how ONDAMED and The Body Code are very useful approaches for helping clients with sleep issues.

Sleep issues may also be caused by allergies, belly fat or swollen tonsils:

  • If you suspect allergies are keeping you from experiencing restful sleep, Katherine’s Acupuncture and related detox protocols – as well as her upcoming Allergy Desensitization services – may be just what you need.
  • To address belly fat, we have Nutrition and Functional Health services to develop a food and lifestyle plan tailored to your body’s specific needs (including rest).
  • If your tonsils often feel swollen, you may want to consult with an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor. We also carry Throat Spray Milieu by Physica, a homeopathic draining product, which is useful for when new smells or environmental allergies/toxins have been introduced to your home or workplace.

Jennifer Salos, MS, CNC
Jennifer has a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition. She is also a nationally Certified Nutritional Consultant and Diplomat of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants.

Did You Know…?

You can use essential oils make your own Aromatherapy Throat Wash. To soothe tonsils and to ease congestion and infections:

  1. Mix two drops each of sandalwood and lemon oils in a glass of warm water. (For congestion, add eucalyptus oil).
  2. Gargle and then spit it out.
  3. Repeat every two hours.

We carry a range of essential oils at Chesapeake Holistic. If there are types of rareESSENCE oils we don’t carry, let us know and we can special order them.

Ask the Expert: Nutrition Plans & Gut Health

Carol HeckmanAsk Carol: I’m thinking about scheduling an appointment with Carol to come up with a nutrition plan for me. How does she work with her clients?

What I do is more comprehensive (and much more beneficial to my clients!) than simply creating a nutrition plan.

As a Nurse, I’ve always practiced holistically: taking the whole person (mind, body, spirit) and their environment into consideration.

My clients are not “parts” and they’re not separate from their lives. I listen and assess all of this (as how people live influences their health) and create individualized action steps to build a wellness plan.

As an Educator, I also work to help my clients understand: how stress is impacting their body functions, creating their symptoms; and, ultimately, how the action steps I’ve designed will promote balance to help them return to health.

As a Natural and Integrative Health Practitioner, I work to restore health with nutrients from foods, vitamins, minerals, herbals, homeopathics, and complementary modalities.

I integrate and blend this work with my clients’ needs, so they receive the best of both worlds (lifestyle and nutrition) for their ultimate wellness.

This wellness journey begins with an evaluation session and a series of follow-up appointments to monitor progress and adjust the wellness plan as needed.

Each client is different, so there isn’t a pre-set timeframe or number of sessions. Some follow-up appointments can be performed remotely, which is especially helpful for clients who don’t live near our office.

Carol Heckman, RN, CNHP, MH, CNC
Carol is a Registered Nurse, as well as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, a Master Herbalist, and a Certified Nutritional Consultant.

Did You Know…?

The importance of the human body’s microbes/microbiome is gaining more and more attention in mainstream medicine and even with nationally-known TV physicians.

More than two years ago, Carol authored an article (in our January 17, 2017 issue) explaining the importance of gut health and weight.

She wrote about how diet and lifestyle influence microbe growth and balance, and, how the good/bad balance of microbes affects weight management and many other areas of our overall health.

Here’s what you can do today to improve your gut-health:

  1. Consider adding a probiotic to your daily routine to feed good microbes.
  2. Increase daily fiber to feed your good microbes by eating more vegetables. Start by making sure each of your meals includes veggies (even breakfast).
  3. Avoid processed foods. These foods do not feed the good microbes and ultimately encourage the bad microbes to grow.

To learn more about good microbes, probiotics, and how to eat for a healthy gut and weight, call 410.349.9043 to schedule a session with Carol.