Ask Katherine: What is BioClear?

BioClear Sensitivity Treatment is a holistic approach (of energy medicine, meridian therapy, enzyme therapy, and nutrition) to address the symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.

In addition to clearing hay fever and other seasonal allergies, BioClear reveals and clears sensitivities to foods, inhalants and environmental substances that stress and weaken the body’s ability to function.

By getting to the root of the symptoms you’re experiencing, Katherine’s protocol offers natural relief… by reducing or even permanently eliminating sensitivities, without shots, lab work or medication.

Imagine finally understanding the ‘why’ – connected to your body’s food and toxin-related symptoms such as: headaches, insomnia, fatigue, depression, hyperactivity, anxiety, mental fog, rashes, congestion, breathing problems, and indigestion – and being able to do something about it.

A little background about Katherine’s journey to developing BioClear…

Katherine has a 30-plus-year career in holistic wellness and integrative energy therapies. She: is a Nationally Board Certified, and Maryland-licensed, Acupuncturist (with certification in Acupuncture Detoxification); is a Certified Nutritional Consultant; and has two master’s degrees (Five Element Acupuncture and Psychiatric Social Work).

Those credentials just scratch the surface of Katherine’s experience and education! As well, she has specialized training in bioresonance therapies, applied kinesiology, and biological decoding. Katherine has also worked clinically in psychiatry, pediatric oncology and hematology, general pediatrics, hospice, and bereavement.

In 2002, her longstanding interest in immune function, allergies and food sensitivities led her to collaborate extensively with Dr. Ellen Cutler, DC (author of The Food Allergy Cure). Katherine then became a Certified Advanced BioSET Practitioner; she applied her clinical experience to work extensively with infants, children and adults experiencing health and emotional disorders exacerbated by food allergies.

Last year, Katherine began designing her BioClear protocol. It’s modeled on BioSET, but with a broader focus to include a wider range of non-allergen sensitivities.

How BioClear works

Katherine’s comprehensive approach includes a 2.5-hour initial consultation. During that consult, she will:

  • Review and discuss your full heath history.
  • Perform bioenergetic testing to evaluate your physiological imbalances.
  • Test your body’s reactions to 40 categories of substances (e.g., amino acids, dairy, trees).
  • Test your physical reactions to 840-plus foods.
  • Test your body’s reactions to supplements, prescriptions and OTC medications.
  • Provide a list of foods to avoid (to which you are sensitive).
  • Recommend an anti-inflammatory nutritional program that will work with your body as you clear sensitivities.
  • Perform your first sensitivity clearing, based upon findings during testing.

By clearing these sensitivities, and detoxifying your organs, you should experience improved digestion, and have a stronger immune system from better absorption of nutrients.

Additional potential benefits include: improved mood, reduced anxiety, fewer food cravings, enhanced mental clarity and focus, and higher energy levels.

A week or two after your initial consultation, we recommend starting a regimen of follow-up treatments with Katherine.

Over time, BioClear’s system, of acupressure and bioenergetic frequency infusions, “reprograms” the body on a neuro-muscular level to reduce or eliminate symptoms related to allergies / sensitivities.

The introductory price for BioClear is $285 for the initial consultation and $95 for each follow-up session.

Katherine Sale, MSW, MAc, LAc, CNC
Katherine is a Licensed, Board-Certified Acupuncturist, a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, an Integrative Energy Therapies Provider, and an Advanced BioClear Practitioner

BioClear Special Introductory Pricing:

  • Initial Consultation $285 (reg $325)
  • Follow-up Clearing $95 (reg $110)
  • Follow-up Clearing Package of 5 Sessions: $450 (reg $500)

Limited time only. Call 410.349.9043 to book.