We’re here to help…

We would like to reassure you that we’re committed to your care. Chesapeake Holistic remains open for regular hours – to support you and your families during this ever-changing time surrounding the COVID-19 virus.

We’re getting many calls and questions about what clients can do for themselves, and how we are able to help. Here is what we are recommending…

Immune Support at Home

You can improve your immune system by:

  • Eating a healthy diet and taking out refined and processed sugars. Refined sugars decrease the activity of your immune system for hours!
  • Getting 8 hours of good sleep. Your immune system is recharged when you sleep.
  • Hydrating! Drink half of your body weight in oz. (clean water). Your lymphatic system needs fluid to circulate white blood cells.

Immune Support at Chesapeake Holistic

As always, we offer Immune Boosting support services: Nutritional Education and Health Scans, a wide variety of quality supplements, ONDAMED Immune Sessions, Craniosacral Therapy, Acupuncture, The Emotion Code, and The Body Code.

These modalities are also important for offering mental and emotional support, to relieve high levels of stress and anxiety that also have a negative impact on our immune health.

We also provide remote sessions. Jennifer and Carol offer remote Nutritional Education consultations. As well, Cathy offers remote Emotion Code and The Body Code sessions for current clients.

When you call to schedule, just let the staff know that you’re interested in a remote session and/or a phone consultation, so we can provide you with the proper paperwork and instructions.

NEW! Holistic Immunity

Many of you are asking: What else can I do to make sure my immune system is strong? To answer that, we’ve created a brand new Holistic Immunity service.

This 30-minute appointment combines Nutritional Education, supplement recommendations, and a biocommunication scan to determine the unique lifestyle and immune-boosting services that can support your specific needs. Look for the announcement, with more detail, tomorrow.

Office Policies

Cleanliness. Rest assured. We’ve always taken cleanliness very seriously and follow stringent guidelines to reduce the spread of illness and keep our space safe for everyone.

Symptoms. If you, or anyone in your family, have ANY cold/virus symptoms, please stay home. (These symptoms include: cough, runny nose, fever, chills, nausea, diarrhea, shortness of breath, fatigue, and/or muscle achiness.)

We’re also asking this of our employees. Our goal is to keep you, our other clients and our staff healthy and well.

Of course, if you (or a family member) are feeling ill and need to reschedule your appointment, you will not be charged a late cancellation fee.

Rest assured…We are here to help!