Positive Living Mentoring

Feeling stuck or unable to move forward with goals? At Chesapeake Holistic, we believe life should be filled with a sense of ease and vibrancy. Our Positive Living Mentor will help you regain an optimistic outlook, using techniques from Positive Psychology, the science and research-based field of optimal functioning. With a unique approach and intuitive sense or unveiling patterns, your mentor will help you connect the dots, discover your strengths and identity stressors. You will work to formulate a plan with small, manageable steps towards positive outcomes.

Having an objective, honest and supportive collaborator may be the help you’ve needed to live your best life! Your Positive Living Mentor will help you to identify what the ideal version of your life is, listen to your life story, and work to enact small steps that add up to big changes. This coaching approach to problem-solving increases resilience and overall happiness. Let us help you better cope with life’s highs and lows, including the uncertainties of the human experience. The end result is living more consciously and intentionally, with vibrance.


  • Relieve distress, painful emotions, grief and feeling ‘stuck’
  • Pinpoint negative patterns/triggers to develop positive actions
  • Gain coping skills for life’s highs and lows/stage-of-life transitions
  • Improve relationships and career satisfaction
  • Live more consciously and intentionally, with greater resilience
  • Experience positive living!

$125  for 1 hour session