By: Jennifer Salos, MS, CNC

Recently, we talked about the value of setting ‘intentions’ (vs. resolutions) for the New Year. This month’s theme is an extension of that mindset.

So, what do we mean by Lighter Living? Essentially: intentionally ‘lightening up.’ Let go. Shed heavy emotional and physical baggage. Eat lighter meals. And, strive to maintain a joyful (even carefree) mood through meditation, mindfulness and acts of kindness.

“Letting go helps us to – live in a more peaceful state of mind and helps restore our balance. It allows others to be responsible for themselves and for us to take our hands off situations that do not belong to us. This frees us from unnecessary stress.”
– Melody Beatie, self-help author

Need help eating more lightly? Eat Sprout’s organic and locally-sourced menu is full of healthy, light meal choices that you can order online and pickup at Chesapeake Holistic. (Keep reading for some Eat Sprout @ CH news…)

We can also help you ‘let go’ with services that lighten the soul. Try Craniosacral Therapy and Mindfulness Coaching, with Lisa, to calm your nervous system. One of Glynda’s Massages will relieve heaviness from tension in your neck or back. And, ask Cathy for a relaxing Ionic Foot Detox bath to lighten your toxic load from too much holiday cheer (or stress!).

It isn’t always easy: schedules get crazy and challenges will come your way (usually when you least expect it). But, keeping that Lighter Living goal should help you get through even the most challenging times.

It helps to know what’s coming… so, I thought I’d also give you a sneak peak about big news at Chesapeake Holistic this year

In 2018, we’re celebrating Chesapeake Holistic’s 20th anniversary – all year long!

We’re planning special offers and other happenings to commemorate this milestone. Stay tuned… as a Wellness Is Worth It subscriber you’ll receive all of the anniversary-related news (and the deepest discounts). Another great way to get CH updates quickly is to follow us on Facebook (if don’t already!).

In early 2018, Eat Sprout is adding us to their website – since Chesapeake Holistic is their only Annapolis pick-up spot. And, you’ll soon be able to order Tuesday and Friday meals from, which will be delivered to our office for your pickup convenience.

Throughout the year, we’ll continue to change things up a bit with our newsletter. For example, most months, one of our practitioners will be featured in a Q&A-style profile – a fun way to get to know our staff.

Some of the topics we’ll cover in the newsletter this year include: ways to overcome allergies, anxiety and depression; planning tips for healthy family travels and back to school wellness; and strategies for achieving optimal health physically and emotionally.

I’d like to thank everyone (our readers, clients, Facebook followers, and staff) for a successful 2017! We’re looking forward to seeing you in 2018.