By: Cathy Logan, CHC, COT, CECP, CBCP

Smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to break. It’s not just the nicotine, but the sense of comfort from the ritual of smoking that makes it so addictive. We get it.

The patch and nicotine gum can help, but these also come with potential side effects, including nausea, fever, abnormal dreams, anxiety, increased hunger, hives, and irregular heartbeat. I even know someone who had a blood vessel in her eye burst!

And, don’t get me started on smoking-cessation prescription medications, with side effects such as severe depression and disturbing dreams!

Quitting smoking by cutting down the number of cigarettes nearly never works. And doing it old school (cold turkey) leads to severe withdrawal symptoms. It’s more than just irritability, when you stop smoking, your internal systems that were affected by the nicotine all have to adjust – which is hard on your body.

We Can Help You Quit!

Did you know that ONDAMED can help you quit smoking?

This is big news for smokers out there: with our newly-enhanced protocol, you can be free of this addiction in just three, 60-minute sessions!

How? Nicotine consumption causes energetic disturbances that manifest primarily in the areas of the brain and spleen. Our STOP SMOKING protocol can identify if you’re experiencing these disturbances – and using the ONDAMED Biofeedback System, we biophysically harmonize these disturbed areas into a healthy, regulated state.

Smoking cessation with ONDAMED has been used worldwide with remarkable results, enabling people to live smoke-free lives.

Call our office today to get more information about this amazing protocol! And, ask about how ONDAMED can alleviate other addictions, too.

Cathy is a Certified Health Coach, a Certified ONDAMED® Technician, and a Certified Emotion Code® and Body Code® Practitioner. She is also trained in Ionic Foot Detox.