By: Glynda Cullen, LMT, LE

As a Massage Therapist and Esthetician, a slow rhythm and steady flow are essential for me to maintain. Doing so, allows my guests to be calm and let go. But, these qualities aren’t just important for me.

A sense of inner peace and balance is important for all of us, and you can choose to cultivate calm for yourself.

Truly, anxiety and calm each seem to have their own rhythms, as does the natural world and our modern culture. The pace of our culture, although exhilarating at times, can be frenetic.

As winter approaches, it ushers in the light of a cheer-filled holiday season. It also seems to create a more upbeat tempo with my to-do list. But, the urge to create the perfect holiday can certainly send the most centered person (even me!) into a frenzy.

How do you find the peace?

I believe the answer can be found in the slowed pace found in nature. Think of the rhythmic flow of a gentle ocean wave as it pounds the sand, then recedes, and restores itself, only to return once again. A steady coming and going, moving out and going back within.

This quote, by ancient philosopher Lao Tzu, says it all: “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Cultivate a calm balance this holiday season by slowing down, connecting with nature, and finding joy in the small comforts of the season!

Glynda is a licensed Massage Therapist and a licensed Esthetician. She offers therapeutic massage and facial treatments (and after-hours appointments). Glynda is also trained in Ionic Foot Detox protocols.