Jennifer Salos, MS, CNC

Explain the services you offer, who these help, and the expected results. 

In my practice, I use technology to assess body imbalances related to a client’s symptoms, and to determine what approach will most effectively restore balance. I integrate dietary strategies, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes to create an environment conducive to healing and wellness.

I work with many different illnesses, including: Lyme Disease, autoimmune conditions, digestive issues, mood and sleep challenges, fatigue, and nutritional deficiencies, just to name a few. I am often ‘the last stop on the train’ for people who feel like they’ve tried everything and are still not getting relief.

Healing is a process, so I walk clients through the different stages of recovery over time, until they get the results they desire. Once wellness is achieved, most of my clients check-in quarterly to maintain their results and to do whatever they can to help prevent future disease.

What movie or TV show title best describes your week? The Amazing Race! I own Chesapeake Holistic, so I have those business responsibilities on top of seeing clients full-time. As well, my daughter is a competitive dancer who dances six days a week.

What’s the first career you dreamed of having as a kid? At a very young age I said that I wanted to “make television” after watching the show All in the Family. I was too young to really understand the tough social issues it portrayed; but, I remember noticing how it triggered intense conversations, while also making people laugh. I was hooked on the idea of being able to do that.

What was your first job? My first career was in television. I was a producer for a sports production company that created shows and covered events for Sports Channel America.

So how did you become a holistic wellness practitioner? I’ve actually been studying and practicing integrated wellness for a long time! When I was still working in TV, I was in my 20s… I had a health crisis that traditional medicine wasn’t solving. A wonderful holistic practitioner finally got to the root of my issues and helped me change everything through nutritional choices and supplements.

My passion became helping others achieve wellness through science-based natural health strategies, so I earned a master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition (and certifications as a Nutritional Consultant). I was also apprenticing, and kept working in the alternative wellness field for several years before founding Chesapeake Holistic. This year, we’re celebrating CH’s 20th anniversary!

At what job would you be terrible? Any job that would require me to be outside in cold weather (although I think I would be a good Zamboni driver).

What’s your hidden talent? I don’t know… it’s still hiding!

If you could win an Olympic medal for any sport, real or fake, what would it be? Figure skating because it’s athletic and a beautiful mode of self-expression all in one.

What’s one of your favorite memories? My daughter had an American Idol birthday party when she was 7, so my husband built a stage in our garage and a friend made us a replica of the TV show’s sign. We decorated with shining stars everywhere. After the party, my whole family sang karaoke for hours: we’re not the most musically-talented family, so having everyone singing their hearts out made my heart very happy.

Any upcoming travel plans? NYC to visit my best friend and see a show.

What’s one thing about you that surprises people? I am a huge hockey and football fan, and I can get pretty vocal during games.

If you could invite 3 people, dead or alive, to a dinner party, who would they be and why? Candace Pert, Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton – because they’ve done amazing work bridging science and spirituality to explain how emotions affect our health. I have LOTS of questions!

What is your favorite ‘guilty’ food? Homemade potato chips with shaved parmesan from Ava’s in St. Michaels.

Are you reading anything currently? I am re-reading The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist who studies the effects of music, words and thoughts on water molecules. The results are amazing and since the earth and our bodies are 75% water, this is something to which we should really pay attention!

What’s your favorite TV show or movie? I don’t have much time to watch TV, but I am making time for This is Us because it’s brilliantly written. I love movies that take me on an emotional roller coaster ride, but I require a happy ending! I want to leave the theatre feeling better than when I walked in. One of my absolute favorite movies is Dan in Real Life. It checks all of my required movie boxes.

If you could instantly become an expert in something, what would it be? Quantum physics: it’s mind blowing!

If you had to choose only 3 adjectives to describe yourself, which would you choose? Loving, caring and giving (my daughter answered this one).

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 18-year-old-self? Release the fear, it doesn’t serve you well. You can choose to live in anger and fear, or you can choose to live in joy. Until I read that, it never dawned on me that my happiness was a choice.