Advanced Bodywork

The body has its own language to communicate needs, wants and desires. Pain, tension and anxiety are a messaging system that lets you know when your body (and mind) is out of balance.

Advanced Bodywork techniques enable Chesapeake Holistic’s practitioners to analyze the body’s messages and observe what is happening on very deep levels.

Craniosacral – gentle hands-on treatment for identifying and releasing emotional tension from the body. Eases the nervous system, from fight or flight, back into rest and recover mode.

Myofascial Release – overall posture and problem areas are evaluated for restrictions and released using sustained compression and guided movement.

Hand, Foot and Ear Reflexology – stimulates the body through energetic and nervous system pathways to maximize the healing response.

Cupping – modern use of an ancient practice. Massage Cupping is very effective tissue work for restoring healthy flow and range of motion to chronically tight areas.

Energy Work – exploration and healing of the body’s energetic field; provides an overall sense of well-being.


These protocols work to rebalance your body’s dysfunctional patterns and alleviate the impact of trauma on the body – to begin your journey of recovery and wellness.

Beneficial for managing:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Grief work
  • Strategies for self-care
  • Envisioning positives outcomes
  • Developing emotional resiliency

What to Expect

Initial Consultation

During your initial evaluation, your Chesapeake Holistic natural wellness practitioner will listen to your concerns and the reasons you sought our help.

Depending upon your needs, we’ll design and begin a custom approach, incorporating appropriate bodywork techniques as indicated.

Our Approach for Your Sessions

Our goal is to “treat and teach.” After receiving treatment, you’ll learn methods for lifelong healing-tools that can transform your daily life.

Examples include breath-work for anxiety, self-hypnosis and mindfulness practices. These tools can help you to reset thinking (from a fight or flight state) to a rest and digest mode. You’ll also learn easy methods for improving posture and flexibility.


$125 (60 minutes)

$95 (45 minutes)

$65 (30 minutes)

Combination Services

Packages: $190 each (regular $220)

  • Posture and Range-of-Motion Evaluation and Treatment (60 minute initial session + 45 minute follow-up session will be scheduled to track progress and enhance long term benefits.)
  • Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief (60 minute treatment to de-stress and rebalance the nervous system + 45 minute follow-up session will be scheduled to develop a personalized self-care routine)

Not sure which Advanced Bodywork service you need? Start by booking a free, 30-minute assessment and evaluation (at our office) to learn more!

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Your Practitioner

Lisa Manning, CST, CHt

Lisa is a Craniosacral and Myofascial Release therapist. She’s also a Master Certified Hypnotherapist, specializing in Somato-Emotional Hypnosis to address chronic pain and anxiety.

“For me, holistic wellness is finding peace and balance in all areas of life. Physical ailments cannot be fully understood and addressed without also considering a person’s emotional and relationship health. I have studied natural practices for recovery from emotional and physical trauma my whole adult life and found that I have a natural talent for hands-on healing techniques. I’m really proud to be part of a team of practitioners that have all achieved high levels of mastery in their fields and share a passion for providing excellent integrative care.”

Read more about Lisa and the rest of our talented practitioners and staff.

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