The Emotion Code®

Emotion Code is a precise method of identifying and releasing emotions that are trapped in your body – often with profound results as deep-seated challenges and obstacles are removed entirely.

Think about it… Have you ever wondered where the remnants of intense emotions go? Positive emotions are easily processed and dissipate. But, for all of us, negative emotions from specific events or life circumstances do leave their mark… these emotions are a record of the past stored in your body.

If left unresolved, these trapped emotions (which are like balls of energy) will cause your body to react as though it’s living in the past. Emotional scars can cause pain, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and other wellness issues related to your organs or body systems. Truly, researchers have discovered a clear physical link between emotions and health, even heart disease.

Heart Wall

Most of us, at some point, unfortunately experience heartache. These deeply-felt emotions can be so difficult to deal with… it’s easy to unknowingly put up an energetic “wall” around your heart to keep it from “breaking.”

Do you have a heart wall? It’s not just a figure of speech: grief, hurt or loss can actually affect your heart, the core of your being. Is the wall contributing to a physical illness or disease? Is it interfering with your ability to succeed? Are emotional blockages hampering your ability to give or receive love?

We’ve found that most people do have a heart wall. The great thing is: once we clear the negative emotions, lives dramatically change, better choices can be made, and peace is often restored. And, it only takes a few Emotion Code sessions to clear your heart wall, as well as emotions trapped in other parts of your body.

At Chesapeake Holistic, we’ve had years of training and experience helping clients restore a mind-body balance. One of the most important steps for improving your overall health, love life and longevity is to remove the trapped emotions preventing you from living vibrantly!


Emotion Code sessions aids with recovery from:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Stress (including PTSD)
  • Pain and other physical ailments/diseases

Emotion Code is also beneficial for children, especially those who have experienced trauma or illness. Often, when clients experience how well Emotion Code works, they want their kids to have a session or two: we’re able to clear emotional blockages for children (including infants and teens) quickly, because they haven’t had years to internalize a build-up of negative emotions.

What to Expect

Treatment Room

Sessions are held in a relaxing space decorated in neutral tones, warm lighting and artisan pottery handcrafted by Deke Logan (who is married to our Emotion Code practitioner, Cathy). You’ll sit in a big, comfy chair during the entire session.

Our Approach for Your Sessions

At the first session, we’ll explain how we learned about Emotion Code and how it works. Together, we usually identify a few issues (e.g., aches, pains, illnesses or traumatic experiences) you’d like to address.

When we work on the heart wall, the approach is the same (it’s just one of the issues we work on). However, when the heart wall is fully cleared (which usually takes 3-5 sessions), big, positive changes begin to occur because so many blocks have been lifted.

Kinesiology (muscle testing) is done, to tap into your subconscious mind (which holds the answers regarding past events). We’ll also assess your nervous system responses and reference a chart to identify which of the 60 emotions (e.g., fear) is related to the questions asked.

Next, we’ll evaluate responses to pinpoint when the emotion got trapped, and where it is in your body. Once the trapped emotion is released (via your central meridian), your practitioner will repeat the protocol to clear the next trapped emotion (usually 10-20 emotions per session).

Ever hear the expression, “I’m getting in my own way”?… After an Emotion Code session of clearing emotional blocks, clients tell us how much “lighter” they feel and (at subsequent sessions) have shared wonderful stories about how they’ve been able to thrive because they’re not weighed down by past traumas.

Some clients opt for a relaxing detoxifying foot bath after an Emotion Code session.


No charge: first session (45-60 minutes)

$60 (1 hour) – times vary depending on practitioner’s assessment of client’s needs

Package: 6 sessions (1 hour each) for $300 ($60 savings)

Add-on/Combination Services

$60 Ionic Foot Detox (20-30 minutes) depending on practitioner’s assessment of client’s needs.

Your Practitioner

Cathy LoganCathy Logan, CHC (Certified Health Coach) | Certified The Emotion Code practitioner | Technician: Ionic Foot Detox and ONDAMED

“At Chesapeake Holistic, we look at the whole person, not just the issue. You hear the term ‘body, mind and spirit’ and I will add emotions to that list. Through The Emotion Code, we unblock things, so people can move forward with their lives. It's wonderful for anxiety, depression, grief and pain, and it can bring new life to relationships. And, unresolved trapped emotions can eventually cause disease, so it’s important to clear them out!”

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