Our licensed Esthetician will design each custom Facial treatment with your wellbeing in mind, while addressing your skincare concerns. She uses organic products derived from fruits, plants and herbs that balance the skin and increase its glow. Trust us, the relaxing spa treatment will provide results you’ll love.

Self-care via regular facials is one of the many integrated wellness services we offer at Chesapeake Holistic. Clients often add a foot scrub, Massage, and/or Ionic Foot Detox to create a morning or afternoon of beauty and restorative rest.


Skillfully delivered Esthetics (Facials) aide with recovery for:

  • Acne
  • Fine lines
  • Dryness
  • Dehydration
  • Rough skin texture
  • Large pores
  • Rosacea

Who benefits most from a Chesapeake Holistic Facial? Well, everyone… Our clients include:

  • Teens experiencing acne breakouts and other skin issues
  • Women and men focused on aging well
  • Menopausal women with skin changes from hormones

What to Expect

Spa Treatment Room

Our well-appointed Facial treatments space is where we also perform Massage Therapy. The room is designed with natural elements and meant to encourage deep rest. It’s a safe and peaceful space where you can let go of all pressures, worries and concerns, and trust our care and expertise. Ocean waves and nature sounds will help to elicit a slower, gentler and more natural rhythm for your breath to follow, guiding you to attain inner calm.

Our Approach for Your Sessions

You may book Facials in 30, 60 or 90 minute timeframes.

A 30-minute Facial allows just enough time to choose one skincare concern to focus on balancing (it’s also a very popular addition to a 60-minute Massage).

A 60-minute Facial includes essential oils, warm basalt stones and warm towels. Essential oil scrub butter may also be incorporated, in just the right combination, to promote relaxation. You’ll also receive a customized stress-relieving massage as part of your Facial treatment!

90-minute Facials enable us to give extra attention to problem-skin areas. When we’re stressed, our skin is the last place nourished by our bodies (nutrients are directed elsewhere). The result is that dull, undernourished look we all notice during times of intense pressure. A 90-minute facial allows for more stress reduction: focusing on neck, shoulder, arm and hands, as well as a foot massage with warm towels!

After reviewing the Skincare Questionnaire you completed before your appointment, we’ll discuss your skin’s needs, and your Esthetician will determine a tailored skincare approach. We use Shira organic products to customize every Facial, every time.

Our Esthetician addresses dry/dehydrated skin and oily/acne-prone skin with plant-based products – starting with hot towels (to open pores), followed by a coconut and oatmeal cleanser, or a green tea cleanser and pomegranate toner.

She also uses organic peels (such as pineapple papaya, lemon alpha hydroxy, sugarcane micro-derm, and pumpkin) and/or an acai mask to attend to anti-aging needs, dehydration and dry skin concerns.

The finishing touch? Moisturizer! Grapefruit (to name a few choices) for oily skin. For dry skin: avocado or pinot noir moisturizer, plus bergamot or cucumber eye cream.

Expect to feel fully pampered and refreshed from a Facial at Chesapeake Holistic!



$50 (half-hour)

$95 (1 hour)

$120 (1.5 hours)

Add-on/Combination Services

$10 Foot scrub

$130 Facial (30 mins) / Massage (1 hour) combo session (total of 1.5 hours)

Your Practitioner

Glynda Cullen, LMT, LE

Glynda is a licensed Massage Therapist and a licensed Esthetician. She offers therapeutic massage and facial treatments (and after-hours appointments). Glynda is also trained in Ionic Foot Detox protocols.

“The facials our guests enjoy incorporate the highest quality organic products available. My goal is finding solutions within nature to remedy clients’ skincare concerns (big or small) – a balance of function and results with deep rest. Part of that facial experience is providing all the spa extras, blending the modalities of massage and advanced skincare.”

Read more about Glynda and the rest of our talented practitioners and staff.

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