Therapeutic Massages

Holistic wellness is about being healthy from the inside out: consideration of the whole person, body, mind and spirit – and Therapeutic Massages are an important aspect of integrated wellness.

Each session is custom-designed to meet your needs at the time. Your Chesapeake Holistic practitioner will be a licensed massage therapist who will incorporate agreed-upon elements of Swedish and deep tissue with Lomi Lomi, a Hawaiian form of bodywork.

We also include high-end spa extras without additional fees: our goal is to guide you to a balanced, relaxed state of being.


Therapeutic Massage aids with recovery from:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle and emotional tension
  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Soreness and stiffness

Massages are especially beneficial for over-worked, over-scheduled, stressed people trying to find balance and wellness by adding the productive rest a truly restorative massage provides:

  • Teens experiencing school and social stress
  • Mothers who juggle so much every day
  • Husbands of female clients who just need a break
  • Anyone with a compromised immune system who needs restorative touch and relaxation

What to Expect

Spa Treatment Room

Our well-appointed Massage Therapy space is designed with natural elements to encourage deep rest. It’s a safe and peaceful space where you can let go of all pressures, worries and concerns, and trust our care and expertise. Ocean waves and nature sounds will help to elicit a slower, gentler and more natural rhythm for your breath to follow, guiding you to attain inner calm.

Our Approach for Your Sessions

Before each session, we’ll briefly discuss your wellness goal(s) and agree upon the massage techniques that will be the most restorative and balancing.

Massage options are 60-90 minute timeframes. Clients find 90 minutes is the perfect amount of time to really slip away and have each area of the body massaged, as well as some extra time to focus where they really need it!

We customize each massage with hot towels, exfoliating foot butters, reflexology, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Deeply soothing and grounding warm basalt stones are another free option; stones truly help bring you back down to earth while soothing deep knots into relaxation.

Your massage will conclude with mindfulness techniques to guide you back to the present moment and warm oils to soothe the body, mind and spirit into a state of restfulness.

Clients often opt to add a foot scrub or a mini-facial after an hour-long massage. (A 30-minute facial allows just enough time to choose one facial concern to address.)



$90 (1 hour)

$120 (1.5 hours)

$180 (2 hours)


4 sessions (1 hour each) for $310

4 sessions (1.5 hours each) for $420

Add-on/Combination Services

$10 Foot scrub

Combo session (total of 1.5 hours): $130 Massage (1 hour) + Facial (30 mins)

Your Practitioner

Glynda Cullen, LMT, LE

Glynda is a licensed Massage Therapist and a licensed Esthetician offering therapeutic Massage and Facial treatments. She’s also trained to deliver Ionic Foot Detox protocols.

“When I lived in Hawaii, I became aware of a natural lifestyle and healing practices that increase happiness and health, so I decided to become a Massage Therapist. I genuinely care about my guests: my focus from the time you walk in is guiding you to a balanced and relaxed state of being. A big part of the massage experience at Chesapeake Holistic is providing a peaceful environment for you to let go of stress and tension and find inner peace.”

Read more about Glynda and the rest of our talented practitioners and staff.

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