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Natural Health Consultation

Mother Nature really does know best. Let us help you understand the relationship between how you live, what you eat and how you feel. Our natural health professionals work with you to understand your unique health needs and to help you recognize the connection between your choices and your health. We teach you that your choices profoundly affect how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.



Your Consultation

During your consultation appointment, as health detectives, our natural health consultants will listen to your story and review your health profile and questionnaire to discover the underlying “why?” of your health concerns. We will work to identify imbalances in your body and make recommendations about healthy habits that will help you to feel better, look better and be better, overall.


Our Technology

We use biocommunication technology to assess your unique biochemistry and make individualized recommendations to help you feel like yourself again. Our biocommunication technology is effortless and painless and is often the missing link in understanding underlying stressors and imbalances. Finally, we will develop and review a customized plan for you that includes:

  1. Food sensitivities and how to avoid them;
  2. Nutritional supplements specific to your body’s needs that will help you address your personal issues; and
  3. Reasonable and incremental actions steps for you to take before your next follow-up appointment.

Generally, we recommend monthly visits while we help you work to achieve optimal wellness. We work with clients in person and remotely, usually for a 3-6 month period, depending on specific needs and concerns. Many of our clients then return, after their initial recovery period, one to four times per year, to maintain their health and vitality.



Our natural health consultation sessions are $175 for the initial consultation (1.5 hours); and $125 for follow-up consultations (1 hour).

*Appointments with Jennifer Salos are $350 for initial appointments (3 hours); and $175 for follow up appointments (1.5 hours).


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The programs and services offered by Chesapeake Holistic Health are not substitutes for medical advice or treatment prescribed by your physician. You are urged to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any nutrition or supplementation program or protocol. Our programs, services, and information should not be construed as medical advice, and Chesapeake Holistic Health disclaims any liability from and in connection with this information. As with any exercise or nutritional program, if at any point during the program you begin to have any physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and consult a licensed health practitioner. Individual results may vary, and past performance is not an accurate predictor of future results. No statements or claims made by employees or representatives of Chesapeake Holistic Health have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.