Physical Therapy / Functional Manual Therapy

Integrated FMT & PT for Movement Restoration

Do you have pain that has gone unresolved through traditional physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation, pain medications and/or injections?

Have you noticed compensations or limitations in your movement that have formed over the years secondary to injuries, poor posture, or a lack of movement?

Do you have a recent acute injury that doesn’t seem to be improving quickly? Are you seeking to achieve a better overall level of health and wellness?

Functional Manual Therapy® (FMT) is an integrated evaluation and treatment system that promotes optimum human performance by enhancing total body mobility and correct postural and movement strategies.

Recent research and functional imaging of the brain continues to reveal the interrelationship between pain, muscular inhibition and poor movement strategies. Just mobilizing joints, giving patients stretching and strengthening exercises, or having a patient participate in “core stabilization” is not sufficient to address the complex interrelationship between the available mobility of the human system and the integration of automatic and volitional motor strategies.

Treatment addresses mechanical, neuromuscular and motor control dysfunctions. Mechanical limitations include: joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, organs, and neural/vascular tissues.

Neuromuscular limitations involve the ability of the body to facilitate proper muscular activation and contractions. Finally, motor control puts together efficient mechanical and neuromuscular systems into movement patterns. The ultimate goal of Functional Manual Therapy® is to provide the mechanical ability and the neuromuscular tools of strength and endurance and proprioceptive awareness to become self-sufficient and more proficient in all areas of human performance.


Initial Evaluation and Treatment: $175

Follow-up Treatments: $160

Your Practitioner

Kyle D. McIntyre, PT, DPT, CFMT

Kyle is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Functional Manual Therapist. In addition to being on staff at Chesapeake Holistic, he is a faculty member at the Institute of Physical Art.

“As an FMT practitioner, I use manual therapy to desensitize a client’s pain and balance body systems. Reducing the inappropriate mechanical stress on tissues (where the pain originated) increases blood flow and oxygen, and detoxifies – dramatically changing nociceptive pathways’ activation, and creating a positive, trickle-up affect to the brain.”

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