Jill Hanon

Now that the holidays are over, we thought it would be a good time to review other seasonal issues.

I also have a few updates about our wonderful staff:

  • Kyle McIntyre is back part-time and scheduling limited appointments for Physical Therapy and Functional Manual Therapy. Call us to book time with Kyle.
  • If you haven’t met her already, local artist Liz Sork has joined our front desk team. Look for an upcoming special ‘Q&A with Liz’ issue of the newsletter.
  • And, sadly, I hurt my hand recently; but, I’m on the mend. Ondamed really sped-up the healing process: my doctor was impressed! Liz has jumped in to help in the meantime.

Lastly, we have some really great Valentine’s Day specials this year, new products, a big gift certificate bonus, and more.

And, if you’re planning to book a service as a Valentine gift, call soon to reserve your session(s).

Jill Hannon, Office Manager
Jill oversees client services, operations, bookkeeping, marketing, practitioner calendars, and our Boutique.

Inclement Weather…

These are the months when we have to keep in mind there will be times when the weather will make travel risky. Chesapeake Holistic always considers the safety of clients and our staff when making the decision to close our office.

During an active storm (one that has closed schools or for which public officials have requested travelers remain at home), we’ll likely open late, close early or be closed for the day. This does not happen often.

If we do close, look for a posting on our Facebook page. If you have a session booked for that day, you may receive an email from your practitioner and our office manager, Jill, will give you a call.

Cold and Flu Season. Should I come in?…

The short answer is: probably not. It’s best to call and talk with us about your symptoms. This winter, it seems everyone is sick. Sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s a cold, flu or allergy and how contagious you may be.

It’s tempting to carry on with your normal routine: to not disappoint others by changing plans, to not disappoint yourself by missing out on much-need self-care, and to be dependable by keeping appointments.

So, when it comes to an appointment at Chesapeake Holistic, how do you decide whether to come in or to reschedule? You’re probably thinking a relaxing session here will help you feel better.

Trust us, we do want to see you and, of course, we want you to feel better. However, a bodywork session can actually make you feel much, much worse. How? Bodywork improves systems’ flow; when you’re sick, bodywork may flush the bacteria, virus… full force through your body.
Sometimes it does make sense to come in for your appointment. If you’ve seen a doctor already and know you (or your child) are past the contagious-stage of a sinus or ear infection, then a Craniosacral appointment may help with drainage to relieve pain and pressure.

As well, if the doctor diagnosed you with simply having allergy symptoms (which can make you feel like you have the flu), then it’s always fine to come in. Many of our services, such as BioClear, are designed to alleviate and even eliminate sensitivities to food and environmental allergens.

Once you’re on the road to recovery, you’re likely still contagious putting yourself, our other clients (many of whom have compromised immune systems) and our staff at risk. It’s best to stay home, get rest to help you heal faster.

While, our cancellation policy requires 24 business hours of notice, we understand that illnesses happen (especially this time of year); we’ll gladly reschedule appointments if you or your child is sick.