By: Cathy Logan, CHC, COT, CECP

Are there situations that make you feel nauseous? Do you ever get a “gut feeling”… or have a “knot” or “butterflies” in your stomach?

We all use these expressions for a reason: your gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive to emotion. Anxiety, despair, failure, helplessness and worry are just a few of the emotions that can trigger symptoms in your gut.

As well, your brain also directly effects your stomach. A troubled intestine can send signals to the brain and vice versa. Therefore, your stomach distress can be the cause OR the product of anxiety, stress, worry etc. So, what can you do?

Releasing trapped emotions

You may have heard me talk before about trapped emotions: negative emotions (which are a record of the past) that get stuck in the body – making your body “live in the past.” These trapped emotions, anxieties and unprocessed life experiences are held in your nervous and digestive systems and can be a source of what’s ailing you.

It’s been said that 90% of pain is from trapped emotions! And, it’s your subconscious that holds the answers (the majority of everyone’s thoughts are subconscious versus conscious).

The Emotion Code© is a wonderful modality for finding and clearing those subconscious emotions. Through muscle testing, we find each emotion, at what age (of your life) it got trapped, and where it is in your body; and then, we release it.

I find many clients’ emotions (especially anxiety) are mostly stored in the stomach. Once these emotions are released, clients experience much less pain and stress, and say they feel “lighter” and able to manifest what needs to be manifested – meaning, creating positive outcomes by positive management of your emotions.

We at Chesapeake Holistic are always here to help. If you’ve never tried Emotion Code, give us a call and set up a free session. It’s time to start truly living!

Cathy is a Certified Health Coach, and a Certified ONDAMED® Technician and Emotion Code® Practitioner. She is also trained in Ionic Foot Detox.