Success Stories

Body Code & Emotion Code
Pati’s Story


“I’ve been a long time client at Chesapeake Holistic. What drew me was necessity. What keeps me [coming back] is the healing and the genuine affection I feel there.

My husband and I had been seeing Cathy for Emotion Code last year. For myself, the results were instantly apparent. For my husband, it took a while longer for him to notice anything… (although I noticed his results very quickly!). While Emotion Code can be subtle, there is a wonderful lightness that begins when years of negative experiences are energetically cleared.

When Cathy started doing Body Code, I was really intrigued. To be able to go deeper and find energetic blocks that affect you on so many levels… well, that was something I felt I had to explore.

Today, after several Body Code sessions, I can honestly say that I am a better, lighter and happier person because of it. I am constantly amazed that Cathy can trace an area that is blocked to something that happened years ago, and can then clear it for me. Some things clear quickly, others have layers to them and have to be taken in stages.

Regardless, I always feel so much better after every session I’ve had. This is a lasting feeling, not something that disappears the next day. It is a genuine healing of something being released that allows you to be the person you are meant to be.

I think Body Code is something everyone should try. I can only say that for me I decided to do it out of curiosity —and hope. I’ve never regretted that decision. Both the healing and my friendship with Cathy have been a special blessing in my life.

With love and thanks,


Pain Relief with ONDAMED®
Jamie’s Story

“I love ONDAMED, I’m addicted! After four sessions, I’m feeling relief from the pain in my feet that I’ve had for the past five months. Sometimes, I couldn’t even walk!”

An Amazing Massage
Dr. Wallie’s Story

“So thankful for Glynda! Had an amazing massage experience – feels like I was swept away into another world. :)”

Raves for Craniosacral Therapy
Sara’s Story

“CST demands an exceptional practitioner and Lisa meets the bar and flies over it! Every session ends with me feeling my absolute best. Thank you Lisa!”

Back Pain Relief without Surgery
Jim’s Story

“I was not convinced that ONDAMED would work, until I had excruciating back pain and within 6 treatments I was feeling great again!”

Nurturing Relaxation from Organic Facials
Lori’s Story

“If anyone needs or wants a facial you NEED to see Glynda Cullen at Chesapeake Holistic (just past the Point) go see her! So, So, So worth it! And No, I’m not making commission – she’s that good! It was absolutely amazing and relaxing!!! And I can never RELAX! :)”

Real Help for Old Injuries and Pain
Rosemary’s Story

“Kyle has helped me immeasurably, with multiple issues, most relating to injuries sustained before I was 26 years old; those injuries (that I didn’t cause) occurred over half my live ago! Kyle’s treatments have far surpassed any and all prior treatment I had with other physical therapists, seeing orthopedics but refusing surgery, and treatment from an excellent chiropractor (non-force, very gentle) I saw for over 20 years. Most notably, the persistent tension and intermittent pain in my lower back has dissipated and is often absent now! Not only has Kyle restored comfort and more mobility, he answers questions I have that help enable me to be much more proactive in managing my prior injuries.”

Feel Like Myself Again
Niv’s Story

 “Just a few weeks after following Carol Heckman’s nutrition, supplement and daily living advice, I began to feel better – something I hadn’t felt in years. Plus, Carol is wonderful to work with – just being in her office and speaking with her makes you feel all will be well – and then, in a few weeks, you actually are!”

Real Help from Multiple CH Practitioners – Truly Integrated Wellness
Pam’s Story

“Glynda gave me a wonderful massage and facial the other day. She listened to my concerns and addressed my needs. I loved the products she used on my face and the hot stones she used on my body. I was so relaxed I didn’t want it to end. The whole experience was very zen like! I will be back. Thank you Glynda.

I’ve been working with Kyle for several months now. He is very professional and takes the time to listen to your concerns. He has helped me so much with my lower back and sciatica pain issues. I’ve tried many other treatments for my pain, but nothing has helped as much as Kyle’s Functional manual therapy method. He has given me exercises and other ideas to help me relieve my pain. I highly recommend Kyle.

I started seeing Jen after I saw how well my daughter was feeling under Jen’s care. She has chronic Lyme Disease. I was having my own health issues and overall not feeling well. I wanted a more Holistic approach to address my overall wellbeing. I have suffered with digestive issue (I have Celiac), anxiety, trouble sleeping, hormonal issues for several years. I tried other doctors and all types of meds. I didn’t want to just treat the symptoms I wanted to treat the cause. Jen takes the time to listen to you, asks questions and assess how best to help you. Jen truly wants to help you. She is sympathetic and kind. Since starting with Jen all my issues are more manageable. Thank you Jen for educating me on how to treat my body better so I can live a happy healthier life.”

Keeping My Lyme Disease at Bay
Maureen’s Story

“I suffered with Lyme Disease for eight years before realizing I had Lyme disease. I have gone through many types of therapy beginning with antibiotics only to find that I still had Lyme! Along with nutritional counseling, ONDAMED has been my saving grace. I don’t know where I would be without these tools at my disposal. ONDAMED has kept my Lyme at bay, eased muscle and joint pain, and even assisted in relieving my sinuses. I highly recommend ONDAMED to anyone suffering with Lyme disease.”

Chronic Exhaustion and Stress
Sara and Tom’s Story

“We started seeing Jennifer Salos in 2008 to address chronic debilitating exhaustion, stress, and other physical ailments that had been dismissed as “normal” by our physician. Within several months of diet adjustment, we saw radical results. As new health challenges arose, Chesapeake Holistic was always there to provide sound nutrition advice and lifestyle tweaks to keep us in tip-top shape.”

I’m Addicted to ONDAMED
Jami’s Story

“I love ONDAMED, I’m addicted! After four sessions, I’m feeling relief from the pain in my feet that I’ve had for the past five months. Sometimes, I couldn’t even walk!”

Karen’s Story

“I saw a huge improvement in migraines within five sessions.”

Bone-On-Bone Pain
Pat’s Story

“As of the 4th session, my foot, back, and knee pain that felt bone-on-bone felt so much better—a dramatic difference. I haven’t felt this well in a long time. I move better and things seem more fluid. I even have a complete lack of pain in my feet for long periods of time.”

Trying the Holistic Approach
Walter’s Story

“After several years of seeking help from medical doctors I decided to try the holistic approach. A friend suggested Chesapeake Holistic Health. After my first visit and at the direction of Carol I started a dietary cleanse. I started to see improvement within the first two weeks and now after four months many of my health issues have corrected themselves. If medical doctors are unable to help you I highly recommend trying a holistic approach. Many medical practices used today have been around for less than a century however Humans have practiced healing for thousands of years.”

Hot Flashes Begone
Isabel’s Story

“I had been dealing with hot flashes for the past two years. They were pretty infrequent and mild until this last spring when they got stronger and more frequent. I started to try all herbal and homeopathic remedies I had heard about to rid myself of this nuisance. When nothing was working, I decided to go see Carol Heckman to help me not only with the hot flashes but to become  more balanced hormonally. She had me tested on the Zyto.  The test strongly suggested I take Magnesium Glycinate to help balance my system and relieve me of my hot flashes. I started to take them as recommended and within in a few weeks my hot flashes were gone and continue to stay gone. I can’t thank Carol enough not only for helping me with the hot flashes but continuing to keep me balanced hormonally. She has been my angel.”