There are some great ways to stay on your meal plan and stay healthy while you travel this holiday season!

Whether you’re traveling a few miles or a thousand miles away from home, here are some helpful travel tips:

  1.  Invest in soft-sided cooler and ice packs.  Easy to pack and take with you OR pack empty in a suitcase for when you arrive at your destination.  
  1.  Shop ahead. Make a list of snacks and easy travel foods to pack in your cooler.  Shop a few days in advance so you have items on hand when you’re ready to pack.  
  1.  Ship ahead.  If you can’t take food with you, consider packing your food and shipping it to the hotel or place you are staying.  This way, you have healthy options ready and waiting for you without having to carry it all along.
  1.  Opt for a Suite.  In hotels, there are often rooms with small efficiency kitchens or make sure your hotel room at least a refrigerator.  You can cook light meals if you have a kitchen option or make cold meals if you have a refrigerator.
  1.  Think Grocery Store.  On the way to your destination or when you get there, think Grocery stores over Fast food chains to find your snack or meal.  It’s not only healthier, but also more economical!
  1.  Know what’s around.  Learn and look up menus online for local or chain restaurants so you can be prepared in advance to find places to go and make healthy choices from what’s available.  Some great Apps to download before you go are:  GlutenFreeTravel and Paleogogo.

Safe travels and happy holidays!

Yours in health,