Juicing and smoothie blends are a tasty, nutritious and easy-to-digest way to enjoy your fruits and vegetables!

We all know that we need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to achieve and maintain optimal health. But not all of us are “vegetable people” (we hear that a lot).  Juicing and blends may be just the solution for better health without suffering through Brussels sprouts (not that we don’t love Brussels sprouts, but we get that it’s an acquired taste and not everyone wants to acquire it).

Even for those of us who love our veggies, juicing and blends are wonderful for their ability to deliver the nutrition from large quantities of veggies in one easy-to-swallow package.  We recommend a green drink mid-afternoon to combat that 3:30 PM slump some of us experience. Or, have a blend for breakfast or lunch, maybe with a juice chaser.

“But I don’t have time to wash and juice all those fruits and veggies!”  We get it. Fortunately, Annapolis has a new juicery in town, Rutabaga, in West Annapolis. Stacey and Jim Heywood have opened a lovely shop that sells locally sourced, largely organic cold pressed juices, both made to order and made ahead, as well as smoothie blends and a few healthy food options. We’ve had a number of their offerings and we recommend the store wholeheartedly.

So check out Rutabaga Craft Juicery (http://www.rutabagajuicery.com).  They are located at 116 Annapolis Street, Annapolis, MD.  Their phone number is 410-267-0261. If you don’t live here, search out your own local juice place and start drinking!

Want to learn more about juicing and making sure your diet is as nourishing (and delicious) as possible?  Call today and make an appointment with one of our nutrition educators.

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You can do it.  We can help. Wellness is worth it.

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