Monolauric acid (also known as monolaurin) is an effective, broad-spectrum antimicrobial that supports immune function and detox pathways in the body.

Monolauric acid is an important agent that possesses a wide-spectrum activity against fungus and many viruses. It was first discovered in human breast milk when microbiologists studied the antiviral substances that protect infants from microbial infections. Monolauric acid is a natural, non-toxic antiviral agent that has shown no unwanted side effects in humans.

As we’ve discussed before, coconut oil contains about 40 to 55 percent lauric acid, which is the precursor to monolaurin. So why not drink coconut milk versus taking a supplement with monolaurin? Lauric acid is not as strong as monolaurin. When ingesting coconut oil, only a small percentage of the lauric acid will be transformed by the body into the powerful monolauric acid.

Monolauric acid is an alternative solution for assisting our bodies to safely destroy viruses. Antibiotics can certainly kill unwanted micro-organisms (although not viruses) but they also may kill many friendly micro-organisms that we need for healthy function.

Monolaurin, on the other hand, does not appear to have any adverse effect on digestive bacteria, but rather only on unwanted microorganisms. Plus, monolaurin can reduce the resistance of germs to antibiotics.

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