Enjoy wellness support from your home!

Call the Chesapeake Holistic office at 410.349.9043, or email info@chesapeakeholistic.com.
Someone will be in touch, within 24 hrs, about practitioner availability and pricing.

We offer many of our services virtually/remotely:



Nutritional Education Consults with Jennifer

Virtual Consultation to include nutrition assessment, biocommunication scan, nutritional and wellness education, individualized food and wellness plan.


Emotion and Body Code with Cathy

Energy-healing techniques to release trapped emotions that cause physical and emotional stress.


Somatic Coaching with Lisa

Breathing and movement work releases anxiety, and other pent-up energy stores in the body, while redirecting it for use to improve immunity, health and vitality.


Nutritional Coaching with Jennifer

30-minute virtual session to help with your food and health goals.


Weight Loss Coaching with Cathy

A unique and highly-effective weight loss program with coaching support throughout your whole journey.