Enjoy wellness support from your home!

Call the Chesapeake Holistic office at 410.349.9043, or email info@chesapeakeholistic.com.
Someone will be in touch, within 24 hrs, about practitioner availability and pricing.

We offer many of our services virtually/remotely:



Nutritional Education Consults with Jennifer or Carol

Virtual Consultation to include nutrition assessment, biocommunication scan, nutritional and wellness education, individualized food and wellness plan.


Emotion and Body Code with Cathy

Energy-healing techniques to release trapped emotions that cause physical and emotional stress.


*NEW Holistic Immunity Service with Carol

30-minute appointment for Immune Health combining Nutritional Education, supplements, and self-care support.


Somatic Coaching with Lisa

Breathing and movement work releases anxiety, and other pent-up energy stores in the body, while redirecting it for use to improve immunity, health and vitality.


Nutritional Coaching with Jennifer or Carol

30-minute virtual session to help with your food and health goals.


Weight Loss Coaching with Cathy

A unique and highly-effective weight loss program with coaching support throughout your whole journey.