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Save $20: Combo Detox Session!

Katherine offers targeted Acupuncture focusing on detox, followed with an Ionic Foot Detox soak. Package $135 ($155 if booked separately).

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15% Off Natural Pet Items

Throughout March, enjoy 15% off of the natural pet products we carry: supplements to alleviate allergies, support immunity and promote relaxation, and much more.

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Natural Health Strategies for Vibrant Living

Would you like to feel full of energy, physically lean and strong, emotionally balanced, and eager to engage in life?

Would you like to sleep well and wake up rested, improve digestion and feel good after you eat, balance your blood sugar and hormones, and prevent disease and decline?

We Can Help

Feel like you again. Chesapeake Holistic’s practitioners work together to provide integrated, healing modalities for overall wellness, pain management, and alleviation of sports injuries and other ailments.

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Highly-Qualified Practitioners


Our expert holistic wellness practitioners work together, to provide integrated services for each client’s specific physical and emotional health needs. Trust us to guide your journey of healing and balance for vibrant living.


Integrated Wellness Services


Unique services include: Functional Health and Nutrition, ONDAMED®, Acupuncture, The Body Code®, The Emotion Code®, Advanced Bodywork (including Craniosacral Therapy), Massage Therapy, Organic Facials, and Ionic Foot Detox Baths.


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