Occupational & Craniosacral Therapy

We use primarily breath, awareness, sensory and movement exploration to identify functional disorganization in one’s brain/body, and to create new neurological and energetic pathways that will support change and organization. Thus, restrictions in one’s fascia/body, mind, soul, heart, and/or energy systems that might be triggering pain or blocking one’s potential in life can be identified and released. We can also explore the influence of one’s family system and address any challenges this might present. The outcome: the innate skill development and individual potential that is coded in the cells of our bodies.

Sessions may include CranioSacral therapy, which identifies and releases restrictions around the spinal cord and the brain. In other cases, one’s system may benefit from Somato Emotional Release, facilitating the release of spiritual, emotional, and/or physical trauma memories that might be blocking the body from recovering function. Brain Gym  (use of coordinated movements in a goal oriented process to organize the physical skills involved in easy, efficient and joyful learning and living) may also be included.

We offer Virtual Sessions at this time that will include an assessment of needs to support your health and healing goals. In person appointments are available at certain times of the year only.

  • Improved communication between ones brain and body
  • Diminish pain
  • Enhance immunity
  • Improved function
  • Release spiritual, emotional or physical trauma

$125 for 55 minute session