Ionic Foot Detox

Similar to Acupuncture and Reflexology, Ionic Foot Detox stimulates the body’s energy meridians. Our ionic bath uses the principles of negative-ionization, rebalancing energy and creating a positive cellular environment – helping your body to heal itself, by drawing out unwanted toxins, during the session and for several days afterward.

During an Ionic Foot Detox session, negative ions in the foot bath attract and extract toxins from inside your body. These toxins are released through the energy meridians in your feet. Expect the foot bath water to turn color as this detoxification occurs.


  • Ability to relax more easily and to sleep restfully
  • Improved lymphatic circulation
  • Boosted immune system function
  • Increase in natural energy levels
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain/inflammation

$60 a session

Package Price: $300 for 6 sessions


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