Invented by electronics engineer, Rolf Binder in Schwanau, Germany, this technology is the culmination of 25 years of research in biophysical medical testing and therapy that resulted in the development of several well-known and sophisticated therapeutic devices. On the basis of this experience, Binder discovered how to interrogate the body’s communication systems and introduce specific signals that stimulate the natural healing process. Medical professionals worldwide have been using ONDAMED with remarkable success for over a decade.

ONDAMED (latin: wave medicine) is a technology based on specific Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) and its use centers around Pulse Biofeedback, enabling the practitioner to access each individual’s needs. ONDAMED’s unique feature enables the practitioner to monitor patients’ responses to a wide variety of subtle electromagnetic fields initiated via a special applicator, and select which frequencies are most appropriate. These signals are then introduced with a hand-held applicator or the larger matrix applicator.

The ONDAMED System complements existing treatments, including pharmaceuticals, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements and can be safely used with other therapeutic modalities. The patients respond faster and the effects are longer lasting.

How Does ONDAMED Work?

ONDAMED is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction to a highly focused, pulsed electromagnetic field that penetrates deep into a targeted region of the body. It painlessly stimulates tissue, eliciting a pulsed biofeedback signal to alert the practitioner of potential treatment foci.

Who Can Benefit from ONDAMED?

Over the past 50 years, scientists and engineers have developed various techniques for “looking” inside the body to diagnose disease and trauma. Examples include X-Ray, CT scans, MRI, Ultrasound, and others. Similarly, treatments are provided by the energy from lasers, the Gamma Knife, and so on.

ONDAMED, a specific Electromagnetic Field Biofeedback device, combined with an individual’s own pulse biofeedback, is yet another non-invasive breakthrough modality to enable the practitioner to relieve pain, improve cell function and circulation, and promote relaxation.

ONDAMED can be used on anyone are seeking relief from pain, promoting relaxation and improved sleep patterns, as well as improved circulation. It helps the practitioner provide painless and non-invasive complement or alternative pain relief options, supporting surgery and drugs. ONDAMED can enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatments and accelerate recovery time while reducing side effects.

ONDAMED is non-invasive, safe, and has no known side effects.