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Nutrition & Functional Health

Natural Health Consultations with Bio-Communication

Most clients come to us because they’re tired of the tests-and-medication approach that doesn’t always solve underlying health issues.

We believe integrated wellness shouldn’t replace western medicine, but should complement the efforts of your primary physician and specialists.

Together, we’ll get to the root causes of your ailment(s). Chesapeake Holistic’s practitioners combine innovative biocommunication technology and decades of nutrition study and practical application – to create your customized program for healing.


The relationship between how you live, and what you eat, affects how you feel: physically, mentally, and emotionally – the lifestyle and dietary changes Chesapeake Holistic recommends will help you to heal and to live a vibrant life.

Mood/behavioral/cognitive: ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, PMS, memory, dementia, Alzheimer’s, addiction

Digestion: IBS, diverticulitis, Crohn’s, colitis, ulcers, reflux, Celiac, and more

Allergies/sinus: Headaches, congestion, post-nasal drip, hives, rashes, food sensitivities

Endocrine: Thyroid, adrenal, infertility, menopause, weight gain, fatigue, hormone balance

Joints/muscles: Arthritis, joint and muscle pain, cramps

Bones: Osteoporosis prevention and support

Hair/skin/nails: Acne, psoriasis, eczema, weak nails/breakage, hair loss/breakage

Autoimmune: MS, lupus, type I diabetes, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s, Addison’s (just to name a few)

Blood sugar issues: Type II diabetes, hypoglycemia, weight loss

Cancer: Prevention, assistance during cancer treatments, post-treatment rebuilding

Microbial infections (bacteria/fungus/parasites/virus): Lyme disease, mold, candida, Epstein Barr, herpes, CMV, HPV, hepatitis

Cardiac (heart disease prevention/support): Hypertension, atrial fibrillation, arrhythmias, blocked arteries, high cholesterol, inflammation

Detoxification: Liver, gallbladder, kidneys, intestines, colon, lymphatic

Bloodwork evaluation: We assess your existing bloodwork to determine deficiencies and imbalances, and then recommend an eating program and a regimen of nutritional supplements plan for optimal health.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

During your initial evaluation, your Chesapeake Holistic natural wellness practitioner will truly listen to your story – and ask questions based on our staff’s review of the completed forms you submitted prior to your appointment.

As health “detectives,” our goal is to discover the underlying “Why?” of your health concerns.

What makes Chesapeake Holistic one of the Annapolis area’s most specialized and comprehensive integrated-wellness providers is that we incorporate noninvasive bio-communication technology into our protocols – to pinpoint the sources of ailments in your body.

Our Technology

Using biocommunication, we’ll assess your unique biochemistry to make individualized recommendations that will help you to feel like yourself again. This process is effortless and painless, and is often the missing link for understanding underlying stressors and imbalances.

Your Wellness Plan

The next step: we’ll develop (and review with you) a customized plan that includes:

  1. A list of your food sensitivities and how to avoid these.
  2. Nutritional supplements specific to your body’s needs.
  3. Reasonable, incremental healthy-action steps for you to take before your next appointment.

Ongoing Support

Generally, we recommend monthly visits, while we help you to achieve optimal wellness. We work with clients at our office and remotely (by phone and email), usually for a 3-6 month period, depending upon a client’s specific needs and concerns. Many of our clients return (after their initial recovery period) 1-4 times per year, to maintain health and vitality.


Appointments with Carol Heckman are $250 for the initial consultation (2 hours); $125 for follow-up consultations (1 hour); $175 for extended follow-up consultations (1.5 hours).

*Appointments with Jennifer Salos are $375 for initial appointments (3 hours); and $175 for follow up appointments (1.5 hours).

Health Coaching

Many of our clients are just beginning their health journey and need a helping hand to get started.  They need someone available to answer the many questions that come with doing something new. Some of our clients also need an accountability partner to stay on track with their new plan. Health coaching does just that – it supports you in implementing diet and lifestyle changes.

At Chesapeake Holistic, our health coaching supports you in a variety of ways depending on your needs and goals. Coaching topics include meal planning, menus, recipes, starting specialty diets, tips for picky eaters, pantry sweeps, grocery store tours, ideas for feeding your family, healthy eating on the run, and healthy eating on a budget.  Your personalized coaching plan will give you encouragement and direction to meet your goals.


  • Reduce stress and anxiety 
  • Simplify changes into achievable steps
  • Coaching plan customized to your goals
  • Advice and support when you need it
  • Accountability to keep you on track
  • Information and recipes to help you make diet changes

What to Expect

Health Coaching:

During your one-hour appointment, your health coach will get to know you and listen to your needs and concerns.  Depending upon your goals, you and your coach will create a customized plan designed just for you.  This personal plan will help you take steps to achieve your goals.  Some topics may only require a single session – topics like: 

  • Help with picky eaters
  • Understanding nutrient-dense foods
  • Healthy snacking ideas
  • Purchasing kitchen gadgets to support your new food plan
  • Healthy eating on the run
  • Tips for improved athletic performance
  • Recipe advice

Health Coaching Package for Meal Planning and Specialty Diet Support:

At Chesapeake Holistic, we recognize that changing your diet can be an overwhelming proposition. We have found that breaking meal plans and diet changes down into smaller steps gives you the support and time needed to make these changes a lifestyle. 

For that, we offer a Health Coaching Package which includes 6 – 1 hour visits. You will also have access to your health coach between sessions for additional support if needed.


Health Coaching Visit: 1 hour – $90

Health Coaching Package: 6 – 1 hour sessions – $495

Personal Pantry Sweep: 2 hours – $180

Private Grocery Store Tours: 2 hours – $180

Group Grocery Store Tours: 2 hours – $40 per person (minimum five people)

  • Organize a tour with four friends and you go free!

Therapeutic Bodywork

The body has its own language to communicate needs, wants and desires. Pain, tension and anxiety are a messaging system that lets you know when your body (and mind) is out of balance.

Therapeutic Bodywork techniques enable Chesapeake Holistic’s practitioners to analyze the body’s messages and observe what is happening on very deep levels.

Craniosacral – gentle hands-on treatment for identifying and releasing emotional tension from the body. Eases the nervous system, from fight or flight, back into rest and recover mode.

Myofascial Release – overall posture and problem areas are evaluated for restrictions and released using sustained compression and guided movement.

Hand, Foot and Ear Reflexology – stimulates the body through energetic and nervous system pathways to maximize the healing response.

Cupping – modern use of an ancient practice. Massage Cupping is very effective tissue work for restoring healthy flow and range of motion to chronically tight areas.

Energy Work – exploration and healing of the body’s energetic field; provides an overall sense of well-being.


These protocols work to rebalance your body’s dysfunctional patterns and alleviate the impact of trauma on the body – to begin your journey of recovery and wellness.

Beneficial for managing:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Grief work
  • Strategies for self-care
  • Envisioning positives outcomes
  • Developing emotional resiliency

What to Expect

Initial Consultation

During your initial evaluation, your Chesapeake Holistic natural wellness practitioner will listen to your concerns and the reasons you sought our help.

Depending upon your needs, we’ll design and begin a custom approach, incorporating appropriate bodywork techniques as indicated.

Our Approach for Your Sessions

Our goal is to “treat and teach.” After receiving treatment, you’ll learn methods for lifelong healing-tools that can transform your daily life.

Examples include breath-work for anxiety, self-hypnosis and mindfulness practices. These tools can help you to reset thinking (from a fight or flight state) to a rest and digest mode. You’ll also learn easy methods for improving posture and flexibility.


$125 (60 minutes)

$95 (45 minutes)

$65 (30 minutes)

Combination Services

Packages: $190 each (regular $220)

  • Posture and Range-of-Motion Evaluation and Treatment (60 minute initial session + 45 minute follow-up session will be scheduled to track progress and enhance long term benefits.)
  • Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief (60 minute treatment to de-stress and rebalance the nervous system + 45 minute follow-up session will be scheduled to develop a personalized self-care routine)

The Body Code®

The Body Code® is a powerful form of energy work that combines two important elements: the modern technology of therapeutic magnets and the ancient principles of Chinese Medicine.

Essentially, The Body Code taps into the human body’s innate ability to self-heal from stress, trauma, illness and disease. But this self-healing ability is dependent on the right conditions; if your body is imbalanced, it won’t be able to heal itself as well as it should.

Imbalances allow problems to build up over time, some never being fully resolved. Most of us are, unknowingly, in this state and suffering from it.

The great news: this build-up is often completely reversible via The Body Code. It’s a natural and healing systematic approach (free of medical tests, medication or invasive procedures) that’s safe and beneficial for every member of your family, young and old.

The Emotion Code vs. The Body Code

For those of you familiar with The Emotion Code, its benefits are woven into The Body Code, which takes healing to a deeper level. The Body Code goes beyond releasing trapped emotions to also resolve imbalances in your body.

Many people start with The Emotion Code and, as we work together, we may realize that The Body Code is needed. If you’ve had a lot of trauma (emotional or physical), or if you have things going on in your body that you can’t quite figure out, then The Body Code is for you.

Like The Emotion Code, The Body Code is pain free and fast with long-lasting results. What’s not to love?


The Body Code’s state-of-the-art healing technique was developed over several years by a holistic chiropractor. The concept: true health simply means being balanced in six different areas:

  • Energies. Removes damaging emotional and mental energies that become trapped during times of stress or trauma, via simple energy work.
  • Circuitry. Balances the body’s energy systems, including chakras and acupuncture meridians, and the energy circuits of organs and glands.
  • Toxicity. Addresses toxins that don’t necessarily show up on medical tests, as well as those that do.
  • Pathogens. Alleviates symptoms caused by pathogens, including destructive and often elusive infections.
  • Structural. Remedies imbalances in the bones, organs, connective tissues, muscles and nerves (non- invasively), to gently restore stability to the physical body.
  • Nutritional. Looks for nutrient deficiencies, imbalances such as dehydration, and/or need for certain foods or herbs.

Some specific conditions The Body Code has helped include:

  • Pain of all types
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic attacks
  • PTSD
  • Hormonal issues
  • Skin issues
  • Migraines
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Digestive problems
  • Weight management

What to Expect

Treatment Room

Your Certified Body Code practitioner provides sessions in the same soothing space where she performs Emotion Code and ONDAMED protocols.

Just sit back in the big comfy chair. You’ll be fascinated by The Body Code process and what hidden imbalances (and root causes) are revealed during your sessions.

Our Approach for Your Sessions

Your subconscious mind is like a computer system for your body. It knows exactly what you need to achieve symbiosis.

During your Body Code session, using specific questioning, charts and muscle-testing, we can get precise answers from your subconscious about body-system imbalances. Then, we’ll help restore equilibrium using the modern technology of therapeutic magnets.

The Body Code is so effective because it allows us to quickly resolve specific imbalances in your body. Restoring balance encourages your body’s ability to self-heal, even after your session.

Because The Body Code is a more complex protocol than The Emotion Code, it necessitates in-office (versus remote) sessions.


$140: first session (90 minutes) – includes health assessment and session

$95: follow-up sessions (45-60 minutes) – times vary depending on practitioner’s assessment of client’s needs

The Emotion Code®

Emotion Code is a precise method of identifying and releasing emotions that are trapped in your body – often with profound results as deep-seated challenges and obstacles are removed entirely.

Think about it… Have you ever wondered where the remnants of intense emotions go? Positive emotions are easily processed and dissipate. But, for all of us, negative emotions from specific events or life circumstances do leave their mark… these emotions are a record of the past stored in your body.

If left unresolved, these trapped emotions (which are like balls of energy) will cause your body to react as though it’s living in the past. Emotional scars can cause pain, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and other wellness issues related to your organs or body systems. Truly, researchers have discovered a clear physical link between emotions and health, even heart disease.

Heart Wall

Most of us, at some point, unfortunately experience heartache. These deeply-felt emotions can be so difficult to deal with… it’s easy to unknowingly put up an energetic “wall” around your heart to keep it from “breaking.”

Do you have a heart wall? It’s not just a figure of speech: grief, hurt or loss can actually affect your heart, the core of your being. Is the wall contributing to a physical illness or disease? Is it interfering with your ability to succeed? Are emotional blockages hampering your ability to give or receive love?

We’ve found that most people do have a heart wall. The great thing is: once we clear the negative emotions, lives dramatically change, better choices can be made, and peace is often restored. And, it only takes a few Emotion Code sessions to clear your heart wall, as well as emotions trapped in other parts of your body.

At Chesapeake Holistic, we’ve had years of training and experience helping clients restore a mind-body balance. One of the most important steps for improving your overall health, love life and longevity is to remove the trapped emotions preventing you from living vibrantly!


Emotion Code sessions aids with recovery from:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Stress (including PTSD)
  • Pain and other physical ailments/diseases

Emotion Code is also beneficial for children, especially those who have experienced trauma or illness. Often, when clients experience how well Emotion Code works, they want their kids to have a session or two: we’re able to clear emotional blockages for children (including infants and teens) quickly, because they haven’t had years to internalize a build-up of negative emotions.

What to Expect

Treatment Room

Sessions are held in a relaxing space decorated in neutral tones, warm lighting and artisan pottery handcrafted by Deke Logan (who is married to our Emotion Code practitioner, Cathy). You’ll sit in a big, comfy chair during the entire session.

Our Approach for Your Sessions

At the first session, we’ll explain how we learned about Emotion Code and how it works. Together, we usually identify a few issues (e.g., aches, pains, illnesses or traumatic experiences) you’d like to address.

When we work on the heart wall, the approach is the same (it’s just one of the issues we work on). However, when the heart wall is fully cleared (which usually takes 3-5 sessions), big, positive changes begin to occur because so many blocks have been lifted.

Kinesiology (muscle testing) is done, to tap into your subconscious mind (which holds the answers regarding past events). We’ll also assess your nervous system responses and reference a chart to identify which of the 60 emotions (e.g., fear) is related to the questions asked.

Next, we’ll evaluate responses to pinpoint when the emotion got trapped, and where it is in your body. Once the trapped emotion is released (via your central meridian), your practitioner will repeat the protocol to clear the next trapped emotion (usually 10-20 emotions per session).

Ever hear the expression, “I’m getting in my own way”?… After an Emotion Code session of clearing emotional blocks, clients tell us how much “lighter” they feel and (at subsequent sessions) have shared wonderful stories about how they’ve been able to thrive because they’re not weighed down by past traumas.

Some clients opt for a relaxing detoxifying foot bath after an Emotion Code session.


No charge: first session (45-60 minutes)

$60 (1 hour) – times vary depending on practitioner’s assessment of client’s needs

Package: 6 sessions (1 hour each) for $300 ($60 savings)

Add-on/Combination Services

$60 Ionic Foot Detox (20-30 minutes) depending on practitioner’s assessment of client’s needs.


Acupuncture is an ancient system of energy medicine which stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Throughout the body – and along particular meridians or pathways (where Acupuncture points are located) – there is a form of electrical sensitivity. Acupuncture taps into those electrical energy pathways to correct imbalances.

Our highly-trained practitioner uses traditional, cold laser, auricular, and electrical current Acupuncture techniques to alleviate a wide variety of physical and emotional conditions. She specializes in creating a personalized approach for each client that often integrates several protocols from multiple Acupuncture systems:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – relieves and balances physical symptoms and patterns
  • Five Element Taoist Acupuncture – relieves/balances interior emotional levels of body-mind-spirit
  • Balance Method – integrates the Five Element and TCM systems
  • Auricular Therapy (outer ear) – treats entire body through ear points, often needle-free
  • Electrical stimulation – needle-free, gentle electrical current
  • Laser Acupuncture – non-invasive cold laser
  • Acupuncture Detox – releases toxins from major cleansing organs (works really well with Ionic Foot Detox Bath!)

We invite you to come experience the many benefits of Acupuncture.


Although the most common ailments presented to an Acupuncturist tend to be pain related conditions, Acupuncture also treats:

  • Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia
  • Psychological/emotional disorders
  • Immune support and illness prevention
  • Addictions to carbs, alcohol, tobacco, drugs
  • Digestive disorders
  • Osteoarthritis, back pain and other musculoskeletal issues
  • Inflammation anywhere in the body
  • Headaches, allergies, migraines
  • Fertility, painful periods, hormone irregularities, PMS, menopause
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia, Bell’s Palsy, TMJ
  • Oncology support/fatigue and discomfort associated with chemotherapy

What to Expect

Treatment Room

The Acupuncture room is a calming and nurturing private space that promotes relaxation and healing.

Our Approach for Your Sessions

After intensively discussing your health history and wellness goals, we’ll develop a tailored treatment plan. Each client (and condition) responds differently to Acupuncture – and requires personalized, attentive care, with the aim of resolving the underlying imbalances leading to states of illness.

While you’ll experience symptom relief in one visit, we usually recommend a series of sessions. Dietary and lifestyle changes will also be discussed and recommended.

Depending upon your preference (and our recommendations), we’ll use thin needles, a light-laser, or electrical current – or a combination of approaches – to stimulate your trigger points (meridians) and restore balance to body systems’ functions and energy flow.

Traditional Acupuncture (TCM)

TCM is a time-honored, trusted and spiritual experience. And, most clients find comfort in the ritual and its results. Traditional Acupuncture relieves distressing physical symptoms and patterns (e.g., post-surgery pain management, nausea symptoms from chemotherapy, and inflammatory conditions), and helps to restore overall health and balance.

We’ll stimulate specific meridian points by inserting sterilized, disposable stainless-steel needles (that are as fine as a human hair) – these, in turn, send nerve impulses to the brain to treat a wide variety of imbalances and disorders. You may be wondering, “Is this safe?” Yes, the safety of Acupuncture needles is regulated by the FDA to ensure sterility (including disposable single-use standards) and quality manufacturing practices.

Five Element Acupuncture

This ancient practice (also called Five Phase Acupuncture) is founded on the premise that the five primal life-force elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) must be in sync to achieve wellbeing. The Five Elements approach identifies the causative factor of an ailment: resolving the core issue (cause) restores balance and alleviates symptoms.

This approach also addresses interior factors, such as emotions and the broader patterns of the personality. Five Element Acupuncture is effective for chronic anxiety, stress, emotional imbalances/mood, digestive issues (e.g., IBS), insomnia, jaw pain, and many other conditions.

Balance Method Acupuncture

The Balance Method integrates the Five Element and TCM Acupuncture approaches to healing. Both Acupuncture systems: promote balance and harmony (physically, emotionally and mentally); stimulate and strengthen the immune system; provide an overall sense of wellbeing to help clients cope more effectively with daily stress; and assist in personal growth and emotional transformation.

Auricular Acupuncture (Outer-Ear Acupuncture)

Auricular Acupuncture (Auricular Medicine) is a safe, non-invasive energy approach for accessing and stimulating points on the external ears to detect and treat health conditions. Practitioners worldwide use this therapy to treat pain, addictions, cravings, internal disorders, and mental and emotional problems. Auricular Acupuncture may be used in conjunction with other Acupuncture treatments, or by itself, and it is often effective when other approaches have failed.

Why the ears? Your ears have the highest density of Acupuncture points on your body: ears are essentially a microsystem of the entire body. When an auricular point is “active,” this indicates an imbalance in a corresponding location in the body (like reflexology). We can treat these points several ways, using: very small Acupuncture needles; needle-free devices (e.g., electrostim or laser stimulation); pressure; or tape to apply small seeds to the ear points.

Acupuncture Detox

You can detoxify your body with Acupuncture! Ancient Chinese physicians strongly believed in preventative care: “A superior healer is one who treats a disease before it shows symptoms…” Acupuncture Detox (Acudetox) is an auricular (ear) protocol which has a natural diuretic effect; it helps your body detoxify by eliminating toxins from the liver, kidney and lungs through the urinary tract and lymph system.

This approach effectively cleanses the effects of trauma, and can also help reduce appetite or cravings – while it eliminates blockage of the Qi (life force/energy) which clears the mind and brings about a sense of calm and wellbeing. This is where Acupuncture Detox shines! It may be combined with other Acupuncture protocols or administered as a stand-alone treatment.

Needle-free Acupuncture

Some people hesitate to receive Acupuncture treatment due to fear of needles. Fortunately, other options do exist: mild electrical stimulation (electrostim) and low-power laser Acupuncture are two non-invasive protocols we provide.

ElectroAcupuncture (Electrostim). This approach uses a pulsating electrical current device to stimulate Acupuncture points. The electro-Acupuncture device delivers less than a milliampere of current (about the same as a wristwatch battery) – virtually no current is transmitted through the body; but, there are enough stimuli to positively affect the treated areas. Electrostim is especially effective as a needle-free approach to Auricular (ear) Acupuncture.

Laser Acupuncture. Your practitioner will use light-laser electrical pulses (at specific wavelengths) to influence meridian points’ flow/electrical current. The “cold” laser has a low-powered beam that doesn’t produce a sensation of pain or heat (and cannot burn the skin). This approach does not harm tissues and is safe for use on sensitive skin, especially for children and the elderly. Laser Acupuncture supports cellular regeneration, reduces pain and inflammation, improves circulation, and stimulates hair growth, to name a just a few examples. It’s practiced widely throughout Europe and Asia and is quickly gaining popularity in the US.

Treatment Options (included in session cost)

Cupping. This ancient Chinese healing art was, at one time, a common therapy for a wide variety of complaints. Cupping has been making a comeback! It’s a technique of applying suction cups to the skin, to move Qi and blood and to remove stagnation of any kind from the body by “releasing it to the surface.” Cupping is most often used on the back, to release chronically tight muscles, or for those at the beginning stages of a cold or flu.

Moxibustion. Burning the herb mugwort directly over Acupuncture points allows the heat to penetrate areas around the points, or along the channels that influence Qi and blood flow. The dried mugwort is called moxa wool, a soft, clump-able herb that can be used in a wide variety of ways (indirectly and directly) to penetrate the skin’s pores with warmth and healing wavelengths. The indications for moxa’s use are many, including weakness, pain, injury, and post-surgical recovery.


$220 (2-2.5 hours) comprehensive health history and assessment – includes initial Acupuncture treatment

$110 (75 minutes) follow-up sessions

$95 (50 minutes) Acupuncture Detox – may be seated or table

Add-on/Combination Services

$60 Ionic Foot Detox (20-30 minutes) depending on practitioner’s assessment of client’s needs

Package: $135 Acupuncture Detox w/Ionic Foot Detox


Invented by electronics engineer, Rolf Binder in Schwanau, Germany, this technology is the culmination of 25 years of research in biophysical medical testing and therapy that resulted in the development of several well-known and sophisticated therapeutic devices. On the basis of this experience, Binder discovered how to interrogate the body’s communication systems and introduce specific signals that stimulate the natural healing process. Medical professionals worldwide have been using ONDAMED with remarkable success for over a decade. ONDAMED (latin: wave medicine) is a technology based on specific Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) and its use centers around Pulse Biofeedback, enabling the practitioner to access each individual’s needs. ONDAMED’s unique feature enables the practitioner to monitor patients’ responses to a wide variety of subtle electromagnetic fields initiated via a special applicator, and select which frequencies are most appropriate. These signals are then introduced with a hand-held applicator or the larger matrix applicator. The ONDAMED System complements existing treatments, including pharmaceuticals, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements and can be safely used with other therapeutic modalities. The patients respond faster and the effects are longer lasting.

How Does ONDAMED Work?

ONDAMED is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction to a highly focused, pulsed electromagnetic field that penetrates deep into a targeted region of the body. It painlessly stimulates tissue, eliciting a pulsed biofeedback signal to alert the practitioner of potential treatment foci.

Who Can Benefit from ONDAMED?

Over the past 50 years, scientists and engineers have developed various techniques for “looking” inside the body to diagnose disease and trauma. Examples include X-Ray, CT scans, MRI, Ultrasound, and others. Similarly, treatments are provided by the energy from lasers, the Gamma Knife, and so on. ONDAMED, a specific Electromagnetic Field Biofeedback device, combined with an individual’s own pulse biofeedback, is yet another non-invasive breakthrough modality to enable the practitioner to relieve pain, improve cell function and circulation, and promote relaxation. ONDAMED can be used on anyone are seeking relief from pain, promoting relaxation and improved sleep patterns, as well as improved circulation. ONDAMED helps the practitioner provide painless and non-invasive complement or alternative pain relief options, supporting surgery and drugs. ONDAMED can enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatments and accelerate recovery time while reducing side effects.

ONDAMED is non-invasive, safe, and has no known side effects.


$45 per 30-minute session

$75 per session


$200 for 5 30-minute sessions

$345 for 5 sessions

$975 for 15 sessions

Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Detox is one of Chesapeake Holistic’s newest services for optimum health and vibrant living.

Similar to Acupuncture and Reflexology, Ionic Foot Detox stimulates the body’s energy meridians. Our ionic bath uses the principles of negative-ionization, rebalancing energy and creating a positive cellular environment – helping your body to heal itself, by drawing out unwanted toxins, during the session and for several days afterward.

Clients often add a relaxing foot detox while they’re here for other services, such as: Massage, Emotion Code, Craniosacral Therapy, and Somato-Emotional Hypnosis. (We do not schedule Ionic Foot Detox to occur on the same day a client has an ONDAMED or Acupuncture session, as these protocols work on the same meridians.)


Ionic Foot Detox aides with recovery and helps clients experience:

  • Ability to relax more easily and to sleep restfully
  • Improved lymphatic circulation
  • Boosted immune system function
  • Increase in natural energy levels
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain/inflammation

What to Expect

Treatment Room

The location of your Ionic Foot Detox session will depend upon your practitioner and which treatment rooms are available.

Our Approach for Your Sessions

After reviewing the Foot Detox Service Waiver you completed before your appointment, we’ll explain the Ionic Foot Detox protocol so you know what to expect.

During an Ionic Foot Detox session, negative ions in the foot bath attract and extract toxins from inside your body. These toxins are released through the energy meridians in your feet. Expect the foot bath water to turn color as this detoxification occurs.

Water color / toxin removal guide:

  • Yellow/green — Urinary tract, bladder, kidneys, reproductive organs (gynecological or prostate disorder, kidney or bladder infections)
  • Black flecks — Heavy metals (memory issues, chronic fatigue, mental fog)
  • Orange — Joints, muscles (arthritis, rheumatism, gout, neuropathy, fibromyalgia)
  • Brown — Lungs, cellular debris (smoking, second-hand smoke, air pollution)
  • White — GI tract (Candida, yeast infections, insomnia, headaches)
  • Dark green/black — Gallbladder, liver, stomach (gallstones, immune system, acid reflux, nausea)
  • Red flecks — Blood clot material (arterial blockages, bruising, hypertension, cold hands/feet)
  • White foam — Lymphatic system (menses disorders, tender/clogged lymph nodes, skin disorders, allergies)
  • Black — Liver (alcohol use, elevated liver enzymes on bloodwork)

We estimate the toxins you’ll see drawn from your body (into the foot bath water), are only 10% of the total detoxification that will occur. The other 90% happens several days after a treatment, as toxic material leaves your body via your excretory system.

It’s important to drink adequate water – to improve toxin excretion and to protect your organs and body systems – the day of (and for several days after) an Ionic Foot Detox bath session.

While one session will definitely kick-start detoxification, some clients more fully experience the benefits of Ionic Foot Detox with 2-3 treatments.


$60 (20-30 minutes) treatment times vary depending on practitioner’s assessment of client’s needs

BioClear Sensitivity Treatment

A holistic approach to address symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.

Do you suffer from food sensitivities or seasonal allergies? Do you experience chemical or environmental reactions? Are you ready to be free of sensitivities that are causing you discomfort?

BioClear is an effective, innovative and all-natural way to clear these sensitivities / allergies, to provide you with relief, wellness and balance!

BioClear’s non-invasive assessment and holistic healing system combines acupressure, energy medicine, meridian therapy, enzyme therapy, and nutrition – to gently, safely desensitize your body of foods, inhalants and environmental substances that weaken and stress your body’s ability to function. This system is modeled after BioSET, an allergy elimination and immunotherapy system developed more than 25 years ago by Dr. Ellen Cutler.

Using computer-based bioenergetic screening, the BioClear system measures your meridians (pathways of energy which flow through the body) – to identify the hundreds of foods, nutrients, chemicals, animals, pollutants and airborne irritants to which your body is reacting.

Each of us is sensitive to different substances: these are what we commonly call “allergies,” but the more accurate term is “sensitivities.”

A true “allergy” creates an abnormal, adverse physical reaction to certain substances called an allergen (antigen). When exposed to allergens, allergic individuals develop an excess of an Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibody, by which the immune system releases histamines and other chemicals. Your doctor can identify these antibodies through various allergy tests.

A sensitivity, however, is a nervous system reaction to an offending substance, which often has little or no identifiable immune reaction. You likely aren’t even aware of all of these sensitivities, even though the reactions you’re having are the cause of symptoms and conditions such as:

Digestive: Indigestion, irritable bowel, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, abdominal pain or discomfort.

Respiratory: Asthma, sinusitis, congestion, sinus headaches and pressure, post-nasal drip, sore throat, hay fever.

Skin: Eczema, dermatitis, hives, rashes, acne, psoriasis.

Other Symptoms: Headaches, ADD, ADHD, mood swings, depression, anxiety, mental fog, fatigue, chemical sensitivity.


BioClear will reduce and help to eliminate your sensitivities / allergies, improve digestion, detoxify your organs, and to strengthen your immune system through better absorption of nutrients.

In addition to reduction or elimination of symptoms, these are some additional benefits you may experience:

  • Improved mood
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Fewer food cravings
  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus
  • Higher energy levels

What to Expect

Initial Comprehensive BioClear Consultation

During your 2-1/2-hour initial appointment, we’ll discuss your health history in depth.

We’ll then use bioenergetic testing to evaluate your physiological imbalances e.g., digestion, toxicity/stagnation levels, organ detoxification functions and enzyme deficiencies.

We will also test your body’s reactions to 40 categories of substances (e.g., amino acids, dairy, trees, grasses, pets, and vaccines), which will provide us with an overview of the types of sensitivity problems you have.

Food and Supplement Sensitivity Screening

Also during your initial consultation, we’ll test your physical reactions to more than 840 foods which may be contributing to your symptoms related to physical, mental and/or emotional imbalances.

Please bring your current supplements, prescriptions and OTC medications to this initial appointment for evaluation. We will find out which may be causing sensitivities for you and which are most effective.

NOTE: we will never tell you to discontinue a medication that your medical doctor has prescribed for you.

At the end of your appointment, you’ll be provided with a list of foods (based on our screening results) to temporarily avoid; these are the foods contributing to the symptoms you’re currently experiencing.

We’ll also recommend a corresponding nutritional program, to significantly reduce inflammation in your body and allow your digestive system to normalize.

Finally, we’ll perform your first sensitivity clearing. Together, we’ll determine what to clear by reviewing the food and sensitivities results to see what is most needed and discussing your concerns.

Follow-up Treatments: Sensitivity (Allergy) Clearings

Approximately one to two weeks after your initial visit, we suggest you return for your first follow-up session. We’ll then begin a series of allergy desensitization treatments. Sensitivity to a specific group of allergens can be cleared within one visit.

Based on your symptoms and determined by your test results, we will begin one of three treatment programs: (1) foods and nutrients; (2) inhalants (e.g., hay fever/seasonal); or (3) autoimmune.

These sessions are why we call it BioClear! Using bioengeneric treatments, based on Chinese medicine, we’ll remove energy blockages and imbalances. BioClear’s system, of acupressure and bioenergetic frequency infusions, “reprograms” the body on a neuro-muscular level to reduce or eliminate symptoms related to allergies / sensitivities.

The number of desensitization treatments varies depending on the health of the individual, the state of immune system imbalances, detoxification needs, and the number of sensitivities detected.

Some people may require only a few treatment sessions, while others with many health challenges and sensitivities may require significantly more. Fortunately, there tends to be a cumulative effect with each desensitization treatment.

We recommend a minimum of a week between follow-up sessions. Your body will need time to adjust and realign to a state of balance, after each clearing.

Clearing Children

Many children are being affected with symptoms related to foods, pets and environmental substances. We’re able to treat children of all ages, including infants. Our method allows us to identify and treat children’s symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.

Our approach is painless and easy for both parent and child, since there are no needles or scratch tests required for the sensitivity assessment. And, no medications will be prescribed for the treatment.

Some of the most common symptoms that are treatable for babies include colic, spitting up, gas, diarrhea, constipation, eczema, and skin irritations.

Symptoms commonly treated for other young children, and adolescents, are sinusitis, fatigue, stomach aches, headaches, acne, eczema, ADD, and ADHD.

For children too young to be tested directly, a parent may act as a surrogate tester.


$325 (2.5 hours) comprehensive health history and assessment – includes initial sensitivity-clearing treatment

$110 (60 minutes) follow-up session

Package: $500 for 5 follow-up sessions (prepaid)

Introductory special: $285 initial consult; $95 per follow-up session

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