BioClear Sensitivity Treatment

Do you suffer from food sensitivities or seasonal allergies? Do you experience chemical or environmental reactions? Are you ready to be free of sensitivities that are causing you discomfort?

BioClear is an effective, innovative and all-natural way to clear these sensitivities / allergies, to provide you with relief, wellness and balance!

BioClear’s non-invasive assessment and holistic healing system combines acupressure, energy medicine, meridian therapy, enzyme therapy, and nutrition to gently, safely desensitize your body of foods, inhalants and environmental substances that weaken and stress your body’s ability to function.

Using computer-based bioenergetic screening, the BioClear system identifies the hundreds of foods, nutrients, chemicals, animals, pollutants and airborne irritants to which your body is reacting.

Each of us is sensitive to different substances: these are what we commonly call “allergies,” but the more accurate term is “sensitivities.”

  • Improved mood
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Fewer food cravings
  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus
  • Higher energy levels

$295 -  (3 hours) comprehensive health history and assessment – includes initial bioresonance sensitivity clearing treatment

$110 -  (90 minutes) follow-up sensitivity clearing and/or re-evaluation session

Package: $475 for 5 follow-up sessions (prepaid)